Why I Chose Dōterra

Recently I’ve had a number of people ask me, “Why did you choose Dōterra?” Or “They’re like the same thing as ‘X brand’ right?”

Here’s the thing. Dōterra is a league all on its own. No other essential oil company comes close to them, based on my research when looking to begin using oils.

-They are the #1 essential oils company in the world with over 6million ACTIVE users.

-Every bottle of oil has a batch number you can look and see it’s purity test results by us and our 3rd party testers. img_4165-e1524749405372.jpgThey are 100% transparent about EVERYTHING, which I really appreciate. They don’t just tell me their products are pure, I have proof. Every. Single. Time. There is no FDA or governing body for oils. Think of how easy it is to replicate scents (hello Bath and Body Works). Companies can put a single drop of real oil in a bottle of corn oil and call it pure. You have NO way of knowing. With Doterra, you have the knowledge of purity at the tip of your fingers every time.img_4162

-All of our oils are pure enough to ingest, unless it’s an oil like cedarwood, which you wouldn’t want to ingest anyway. That means you don’t have to buy separate oils for general use and ingesting, and you save a ton of money. 1, 15ml bottle of dōterra lemon oil is $10.50. I can bake with it, diffuse it, clean with it, and apply it topically to my skin. My thing is, if a company says their oils are 100%, ALL PURE, regardless of  “line,” why can’t you ingest all of them? Why do I need 2 different lemons? Peppermints? Etc… If it says for diffusing or topical use only, you might want to stop and think!

  The top bottle has supplement facts, just like food; a clear indicator that you can ingest it. The bottom oil does not have that label, so you definitely know not to.

-Dōterra is the ONLY oil brand that is being used in doctors offices and hospitals. Johns Hopkins exclusively uses Dōterra over any other brand because their purity, quality and potency are the only ones that provide the therapeutic benefits associated with each oil!

-I know where all of the oils are sourced from; whether it’s Kenyan Ginger or Canadian Arborvitae. All of the products used to make the oils are naturally sourced, which means they are grown and harvested in countries where they naturally grow and are found, which means they are the best version of themselves! They aren’t forced to grow in a location with soil that they wouldn’t normally grow in. “DōTERRA believes that we should keep plants where they grow the best, how God intended, in their natural habitat for a stronger, thriving plant and produce a more powerful essential oil,” (SBH). It’s like getting an orange grown in Florida verses an orange grown in Michigan. You KNOW that Florida orange is going to be better!Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.36.59 AM.png

-We also have a fabulous rewards program where you can earn up to 30% back on your orders on top of the 25% whole sale customer discount. You get the cost of shipping back in rewards points 100%. Pay $3.99 shipping- $4 is added to your account. Pay $25 for overnight- $25 is added to your account. On top of the discount and percentage back, each month there is a discounted item, regardless of how much you purchase, and a free item available with any 125+ PV order.-Once you get your whole sale membership for the year, you have it regardless of how much you purchase, and how often you purchase. It’s like a Costco membership. Renewal is about the cost of a bottle of peppermint…which they then send you for renewing your membership!

-They support amazing missions and groups across the world, which means a lot to me as well. They are major contributors to Days for Girls HERE! Doterra also works with a number of organizations to help combat sex trafficking; you can learn more about them HERE! Last year I was even able to partner with them to help us raise $30,000 for the Greenlight Operation Restoration Home! Their Helping Hands Foundation can be found all over the United States and throughout the world! I dare you to find another essential oil company that is as conscientious about their impact on the Earth and helping others than doterra.

-Doterra is safe to use for the WHOLE FAMILY, even pets! Not every oil is safe for pets, but many of them are! I love that I can use my DigestZEN roller bottle on Athena for a gassy tummy, and Ethan for indigestion. There aren’t many (if any) OTC medicines that you can use on both newborns and full grown adults- but with doterra oils, as long as they are appropriately diluted, YOU CAN! There’s no guess work as to which medicine to take, how much to take/give as a dosage. A few drops in a roller bottle with fractioned coconut oil and you’re ready to use! Their OnGuard laundry detergent is safe for everyone too! We’ve been programmed to have special products for children and adults, costing us hundreds of dollars unnecessarily every year.

-One of my favorite things about doterra is it’s a community. We don’t just hook you up with oils and leave you to figure it out. You have as much support, and help as you’d like! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! We have first hand experience of how life changing oils can be. We laugh together (some of us are hilarious) and help lift each other up through the many trials and successes of life. dōTERRA is overflowing with education and resources, and we have a team page with additional, personal support (coming soon) as well!

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