TNB Homeschool Consultations

As I began my journey homeschooling, and then providing evaluations,
I found a hole.

What if, there are families who don’t have a best friend that’s been homeschooling for over a decade to ask questions?

What if they don’t want to put it all out there on a FB group?

What if they want to speak to someone reliable that had experience in a class room and the homeschool world?

What if they are so overwhelmed with getting started they’re very tempted to completely throw in the towel?

How do they get from their desire to homeschool their child to being pros?

Maybe you fit in to all of those “ifs.” Maybe not, and you just have a few questions.

Homeschool consultations with me are free.
My heart is to get you started and supported in the best ways possible!

At the end of our consult you are not bound to use me as your evaluator. Choosing an evaluator is a personal and intimate choice. You can read here about how to choose an evaluator that’s right for you and your family. Truly.

After our consult meeting, you will receive an email with any links, resources, important info, we discussed during our consult!

If you would like to move forward with me as your evaluator, you can fill out the Evaluation Form!

If you would like a free homeschool consult, whether you’re just starting, or want to bounce off ideas, please fill out the form below.

Hello there! I’m Anna Knaub, the human behind TNB! You can learn more about me HERE!

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