Natural Solutions

Five years ago I was pregnant and began my journey of finding “cleaner” products. I downloaded the ThinkDirty App, and couldn’t believe what was allowed on the market.

After we had our first daughter I took the plunge and got some oils. I figured if they didn’t work, they were still better than candles. But they did work. And time and again they’ve proven themselves. dōTERRA was just the beginning. It was a major stepping stone to helping our family make a lot of easy and better switches.

I’ve continued to learn, take classes, read books, and love to pass on the knowledge that I have collected! Everything from ditching the microwave to feminine hygiene products, to labor & delivery. Check out the sections below to learn more about classes that I offer, getting started on our team, other products we love to use, and more!

Oily Blog Posts

Head here for posts on using and incorporating oils!

Natural Classes

I am thrilled to be offering 4 Mama’s & Babies classes, as well as a number of shorter classes with topics on everything from immunity support, to personal care, to supporting an active lifestyle.


One of the #1 questions I get is, “Why dōTERRA,” and. this posts answers exactly that!

Getting Started

If you’re looking to get started with natural solutions in a relaxed, no pressure to buy or sell environment, I may be a great fit for you!

Natural Solutions

My husband hates the word “crunchy,” but it works! Living more naturally, one switch at a time.

Let’s build something together.