Welcome Back

Welcome back! 

I’m a little older.

A little wiser.

And have a few more things figured out- not just about life, but about this whole blogging thing too.😂

When we first made the decision for me to be a full-time stay at home mom, I had visions of being an Instagram influencer, making tons of money blogging, and taking the oily world by storm. As with most things in my life, God laughed at plans, and reality happened. 

How on God’s green Earth do these mothers with like 4 kids do the whole social media & blogging thing…SUCCESSFULLY!? I’m not sure if you realize, but exclusively breastfeeding is a full time job in and of itself. I quickly realized being an influencer-blog mommy was not going to totally be my thing. However momming and oils I could do- and STILL AM! 

So why have I resurrected the blogging? Well, I guess you could say the stars have aligned. We bought a house, did a bunch of work and I went crazy with flowers, had another baby, started homeschooling, and ended up accidentally writing a preschool curriculum. I feel like at this point in my life, I actually have some stuff to write about and share. 

Whether you’re new around here or you’ve been around since the “Brunette With Brains” days, welcome to my 3rd round of sharing my life. May you laugh. May you find joy. May you find an empathetic friend. May you resonate with something somewhere. And may you see the hand of Jesus in the mundane of our life.

-Anna @TheNurturedBee

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