TNB Tutoring

In case you haven’t noticed, the world has been a little wild the last few years.
You may feel that your student just needs a little extra support that they aren’t getting from their teachers at school.

Maybe, just because you have chosen to homeschool does not mean you are in love with the idea of teaching your child how to do research papers, write formal essays, or organize creative writing.

No matter what your English, Language Arts, or Writing needs, I’m here to help!

How it works:
Below, fill out the form with as much information as you can. I will contact you to discuss your needs and create an action plan! At that point, you can choose how many tutoring sessions you would like to commit to in sets of 1, 3, 6, or 12.

Rates: Tutoring sessions are $25 for one, 1hr session.

If you purchase one of my curriculums, you will receive the discounted price of $20 per 1hr session. You can choose to have me help your student walk through the unit purchased, or work on completely different skills.

After completing the form below, and our initial consult, I will send you a personalized purchase link.

If you are a homeschool family, using me for tutoring services does not mean that you are bound to use me as your evaluator. Choosing an evaluator is a personal and intimate choice. You can read here about how to choose an evaluator that’s right for you and your family. Truly.

Hello there! I’m Anna Knaub, the human behind TNB! You can learn more about me HERE!

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