TNB Homeschool Evaluations

Thank you for considering TNB Evaluations for your
PA Homeschool Evaluation!
I am an active, PA Certified Teacher, and accepting families with Elementary, Middle, and/or High School Students.

***Pricing Update***
For the 2022-2023, my evaluation costs will remain the same, however families
living more than 45min away from Elizabethtown, PA
may be charged at $10 travel fee for in-person evaluations.

Elementary: K-5th
1st student is $40
Additional Elementary students are $30
Middle: 6th-8th
1st student is $50
Additional Middle students are $40
Elementary Students would qualify for $30
High School: 9th-12th
-General Evaluation- $50
-Diploma Evaluation- $75
-Additional HS general eval students are $40
-Additional Middle students are $40
-Additional Elementary Students would qualify for $30

Each evaluation includes:
-An interview with each student
-Interview with you as the parent
-Review of portfolio
-Letter of certification of fulfillment of PA State Homeschool Law

Please have available:
-Your child’s portfolio (digital or hard copy)
-Attendance records (digital or hard copy)
-Any required state testing information

Please include the names, ages & “grades” for each of your children you need evaluations for, in the message portion. If you have any additional questions, would like to also schedule a consult, or have questions about tutoring, let me know!

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