As of December 2015, I have a degree in Secondary English Education from the University of Valley Forge, in Phoenixville, PA. After graduating, I spent the rest of the school year doing day-to-day subbing. In the fall of 2016, I had a long-term subbing position at Reading High School where I taught Honors 10 and AP 12. At the end of that assignment, I received another long term sub position in Lancaster, PA, teaching a reading skills class, life skills library, college prep 9 and 10. In the fall of 2017 I accepted a position at Commonwealth Charter Academy, a public, online school! As you can imagine, between the time I spent in a classroom through college, and everything since, I have quite a collection of curriculum already built up!

In the world of teaching, sharing is caring! Here you will find in-depth info on my units that are available on Teachers Pay Teachers, as well as general classroom info, and free resources JUST FOR YOU!

Happy planning!