Romeo and Juliet

Who doesn’t love a good romantic tragedy? Most students roll their eyes and want to crawl under their desks and hide. I’ve taught Romeo and Juliet more than any other unit. As a Brit Lit concentration, it’s also one of my all time favorites! I find many teachers do one of two things. They do too little in an attempt to just “get through” the unit because they don’t enjoy it themselves; which the students then feed off of OR, teachers try and do too much by trying to analyze too many components throughout the entire play.

For each Act, there is a different focus: characterization, figurative language, cause and effect, and theme. The first act I focus on just figuring out what is going on, getting the students comfortable reading/acting, and getting the characters straight. Each Act Bundle includes notes and recap questions for teacher use. As I read through, every few scenes, I stop and have students write down key points (notes provided). They can then use these notes to help them complete their study guide, also included in each Act bundle. I have also included pre-read assignments, projects for each act, and a summative essay/unit test.

Due to the vast number of translations and prints, I do not include answer keys, however if you need them, JUST ASK! 🙂

Romeo and Juliet


PS- I highly recommend the 2013 Romeo and Juliet movie. WAY better than the Leonardo DeCaprio one.


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