Why Oils?

I met a woman a few years ago through mutual friends. Over the years we stayed in general contact, and she found herself loving essential oils. I watched {creeped} her facebook and instagrams regularly, following her journey using these miracle oils. I’d wanted to try them myself but for some reason kept putting it off. Ironically, I bought my mother a diffuser and a bunch of oils for Christmas. Janelle faithfully invited me to her classes, virtual or in person, and kept me in the loop. FINALLY, I became a mom. I realized very quickly how many chemicals my tiny human could be exposed too, and how many unnatural products were on the market for babies. On top of it all, I’m breast feeding, which is just one more avenue for yucky things to get to her through me.

I love diffusing lavender and lemon in the nursery during nap time. I roll DigestZen on her feet and tummy in the evenings to help with a colicky belly and general digestion. When we just need to chill, we roll Console on her soles and a little dot by each ear. I use Deep Blue to soothe a sore back from all the standing and bouncing. Lavender and melaleuca solves a bit of cradle cap in 24hrs. I could go on about how I’ve already been using my oils in my every day life beyond diffusing, but I’ll save SOME for later posts.

Recipes for the aforementioned oils will be posted, along with many more!

If you’ve ever considered essential oils, have questions, or are ready to jump in to more natural options for you; contact me for more information!

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