Hospital Bags

To prepare for our tiny human, I did a TON of research as far as what to pack for the hospital. Being that Athena is our first, I had no idea what to expect. I packed a bag for our stay there-clothes and such, and a labor/delivery bag. I ended up having a 5hr labor and never even had the chance to use most of the things I packed, but I 100% plan on having the same bag packed for future children.

A few weeks before my due date, we took a general labor class through our hospital. It was one of those classes where I knew a lot of the info, but having it all organized and focused instead of jumbled in my brain was a huge help! She had great stations and info about possible things to pack to help get through labor and I took it to heart.


1. Cocoa massage bar having one of these to help your partner ease back pain is always a good idea. The subtle smell won’t overwhelm your senses either.

2. Massage ball this helps go along with the massage ball, but if you have a longer labor, hand cramping is definitely an issue. Having one of these handy not only feels good for you, but helps your labor coach out too!

3. Essential oils- I packed peppermint and lavender. Peppermint is fantastic for nausea and helping to keep you alert! Lavender is relaxing and soothing.


4. Dermoplast– I read about this on a number of blogs, but my hospital also provided a bottle (yay)! This spray helps cool and numb “abrasions,” aka- your raw nether regions. I used this after I’d go to the restroom.

5. Depends-  NO SHAME! I know the hospital hooks you up with as many pairs of mesh underwear and super pads as you’d like…personally I preferred Depends, especially at night. I felt like I had better coverage and they’re more comfortable. I somehow feel like they were less diapery and thick than the giant pads.

6. Sephora sheet mask– no matter what your labor story, until you shower afterwards, you feel SO gross. One of the things I did to help feel more normal again was a sheet mask. With a lack of sleep, the nice part about a sheet mask is you don’t have to scrub it off after: 15-20 min and you’re all set!


7. Honest Co Nipple Balm and Belly Balm– I used the belly balm my entire pregnancy. I have 1 stretch mark. Hydrating and does work! As I was planning on breast feeding, the nipple balm is fairly self explanatory.

8. Lansinoh Hot/Cold Breast Packs- These are magical. I generally have no cold tolerance, but warming these up is AMAZING, especially as milk was coming in and I was dealing with engorgement on one side.


9. Shampoo/Conditioner and soap– the hospital may offer you shampoo/conditioner and soap, but having your own is always nice. That first shower is like being reborn yourself and will make you feel SO human. I personally love the Serenity, Citrus Bliss, and Onyx Balance bath bars. Having a “fancy” soap will help brighten your day more than you know!

10. Robe- I needed a new robe anyway, but this was a life saver! Being my first, trying to figure out breast feeding, having a robe for easy access made life SO much easier. I slept in it, and it made consistent skin-to-skin even easier. Our room was also freezing at night, so it was nice and warm!

11. Socks- True story, I had thick socks on when I went into labor but they were too thick to wear with my Crocs. I threw on thinner socks. They happened to be 2 different colors. I gave birth with a blue sock and a hot pink sock. Thankfully, I had the forethought to pack a bunch of my thick, warm, socks. I can’t stand cold feet and they were a MUST in our hospital room. 

12. Leggings- I can’t even lie, I live in Lularoe leggings. I didn’t have a c-section to worry about them rubbing on an incision. They are comfortable, fairly warm, and can accommodate those super pads or depends. Paired with my favorite fuzzy robe, these were a no brainer to pack!

13. Nursing bras and milk pads– I got this 4 pack of nursing bras from Amazon and they’re AMAZING! They’re nearly identical to the one I got at Motherhood, except I paid the same amount for 4 as I did for 1. My milk also came in fast, so Lansinoh milk pads were a requirement!

I did pack a long sleeve with buttons half down the front and a sweater to wear home. Again, I lived in my robe, but it was nice to have regular clothes too. I packed a few outfits for little human, and made sure to pack at least tshirts, pairs of socks, and 2 pairs of underwear for my hubby in case he forgot for himself. Obviously we grabbed phone chargers, tooth brush, tooth paste, comb…the usual.

Labor and delivery is different for everyone, and every birth is different. Our needs and expectations are all different. These are the items I found helpful and useful for my own experience! Do you have any tried and true items you always pack for L&D? Let me know so I can add it to my next L&D bag!

2 thoughts on “Hospital Bags”

  1. The sheet masks look like they’d be great for travel, too. My most indispensable item for L&D was music. They were all born to Dvorak’s New World Symphony, as I find it both soothing and motivating!


    1. The sheets masks are awesome! They have eye and lip ones as well- so they’d be fab for travel! I wanted music! But I was too drowsy from the Benadryl they gave me to care! 😂

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