After the Top 10

The Top 10 oils are AWESOME! You can learn more about them HERE. Many members begin with one of the enrollment kits that contain the Top 10 Oils. You get comfortable and excited about using them…and then wonder “now what!?” Do you just use the Top 10 oils forever or do you expand, experiment, and start purchasing other oils? There are so many, it can be quite daunting. Since getting my Family Essentials Kit, I’ve gotten quite a few other oils. Here are my Top 10 after the Top 10.

1.Grapefruit– This was the free product of the month for March. I was SO excited to add it to my collection. I love drinking it, I love diffusing it, and I love mixing it with my lotion and wearing it! Grapefruit is an antidepressant, antiseptic, and disinfectant. It addresses acne, skin conditions, weight loss, and cold & flu.

2. Lime– I really like citrus oils. Lime is antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic, and disinfectant. It addresses cold & flu, fever, muscle cramps, respiratory concerns, and stress. I like to blend this with peppermint as a wake-me-up. It has a clean, fresh smell, that makes me think of summer.

3. Spearmint– This is the most mild of the 3 mints available. Just the smell of it makes me drool. It has been used for centuries to help with digestion, it’s an expectorant, antiseptic, insecticide, and natural stimulant. It has so many uses: ADHA, asthma, dry skin/eczema, headaches, nausea, and oral hygiene. It only takes a drop or 2 to pack a punch in a diffuser blend and help brighten it up.

4. Rosemary– I got this oil because I thought it would be good to have. I wasn’t expecting to absolutely love it and use it as much as I do! Just as herbal rosemary, you can use this oil to cook. It supports healthy organ function, digestion, skin disorders, stress, arthritis, migraines, and is uplifting. It pairs beautifully with lavender, peppermint/spearmint/wintergreen, and eucalyptus.

5. Clove– Clove gets used every day in our world. I purchased it specifically for teething support. It is a natural analgesic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. Clove is often used for gum and teeth health, and can be used to help clean cuts and wounds. Heavily diluted with a carrier oil, applying clove oil to the gums is a natural version of Orajel and absolutely NO chemicals. I love diffusing it with Cassia, or adding an extra drop to OnGuard.

6. Clary Sage– I specifically got this oil to help support my system post partum. Though clary sage has a number of benefits, hair loss, hormone balance, hot flashes, PMS, and menstruation are what it is most often used for! I have been taking this internally, and applying topically in a blend on my scalp (post partum hair loss is real y’all!), and on my abdomen.

7. Bergamot– Bergamot is what makes Earl Gray tea, well, Earl Gray. Being that I love the tea so much, I figured I’d probably like the oil too. What I bet you don’t know is that bergamot is actually a citrus! It is analgesic, antibiotic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and supports digestion. It’s often used to help with anxiety, depression and stress. Diffuse it with lavender for a London Fog.

8. Serenity– Athena is 4 months old. As you can imagine, we need all of the serenity we can get. This blend of lavender, Roman chamomile, cedarwood, ylang ylang, and other restful essential oils is like sleep in a bottle! I almost exclusively diffuse it in the nursery at night as part of her bedtime routine. I also have a few drops in a roller bottle diluted to fractioned coconut oil that I apply down her spine as I put her jammies on every night. This allows the oils to enter the nervous system and begin their work at calming and relaxing! I’ve also started using the Serenity Bath Bar when I shower at night, which means she’s getting the smell of it from me when she cuddles and nurses too.

9. Balance– When I initially received this blend, I wasn’t sure I liked it. I decided to take the plunge and start diffusing it. I quickly started using it all of the time. It’s subtle woody scent exudes an earthiness. I especially like applying it to my wool dryer balls. Balance is considered a “grounding blend.” Starting your day with a few drops on your feet can help bring feelings of calm and peace. It is often used to help anxiety, ADD, hyperactivity, and nervousness.

10. Wild Orange– Hey look! Another citrus oil! As with the other citrus oils, this is fabulous to drink, or even bake with! Hello orange cream frosting, smoothies, buns….mhmm! This oil is also great for cleaning as it is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. As with other citruses, it is also antidepressant, antioxidant, supports digestion and is a natural stimulant.

Along with the Top 10 Oils, or standing alone, these additional oils can be easily used for a wide range of ways in your daily life. What are some of your additional favorite oils!?

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