Detox Mud Mask

One of my most favorite doterra products is the detox mud mask. Though most people use it on their face (1st way to use it), there are 2 other great places to apply this mask for incredible benefits.

The second place to try using your detox mask is your arm pits. Your underarms contain a plethora of lymph nodes. Even if you use natural deodorants (check out that post HERE), you still need to help clear out that guck once in a while. 

Any time you are doing some kind of body detox, use it on your arm pits. If you notice you’ve been a little extra smelly- often due to hormone changes, mask your arm pits. I have a friend that even found it helped as she was going through Lyme disease treatments. In general, it’s good to do an under arm mask at least once a quarter. 

The third place to mask is your feet! Gravity is a fun thing. It helps keep us grounded…and also pulls gross things down into your feet. I I follow it up with a minty foot soak with Epsom Salt, Redmond Real Salt Bath Soak Salt, and 1-2 drops each Peppermint, Wintergreen, Copaiba, & Cypress. 

And to go back to the beginning, the obvious answer, your face. Any time of year is a good time to do a face detox. After a hot, sweaty day of yard work, treat yourself to a cleansing mask. Did you just spend a week straight in makeup for holiday parties? Help refresh with a mask. Just want to treat yo self with a spa night? Mask it up!

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