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I guess I should start with the “disclaimer.” You know, the ones that all “alternative resources” have. The one that says, “According to the FDA these products can not prevent, treat, or cure, any illness or disease” blah blah blah.

Isn’t it funny that somehow resources that have grown on the Earth and were used for THOUSANDS of years, are now considered “alternative?” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am all for modern medicine when it’s necessary…but I’m still not sure why it’s such a big deal to use peppermint for a belly ache instead of Tums/Maloxx, etc…

ANYWAY. Here are some ways and things we are doing to help support the immunity and health of our family. Will these products “keep you from getting sick?” I can’t say for sure, BUT what I can tell you is that when you are taking care of your body, God created a beautiful immune system and knew what He was doing. When you support your body, you are less likely to get sick, or as sick. It’s just kind of common sense. If the Tin Man kept his joints greased, he didn’t cease up. When you neglect your body, your systems start acting haywire.

In the morning:
Ethan and I each take the Life Long Vitality supplement pack. These capsules and softgel are absolutely PACKED with good vitamins, minerals, and food derived nutrients. It would cost you well over $200 to get the same dosage, quality, and quantity of everything that are in these. They’re so good, they come with a 30 day money back promise. They *can help support* everything from cardiovascular health, immunity, skin, digestion, and more. Athena takes the children’s chewable vitamin. I say children’s but adults who can’t or don’t want to swallow pills can absolutely take it as well!

PB Assist/PB Assist Jr. Again, there is the “adult” and “children’s” version here. I’m not going to lie, I blended the PB Assist Jr. with Strawberry Lemonade all summer in slushie form and I have no regrets. You can take the Jr. like a pixie stick or mix it in a drink. The capsule is a double-capsule pre and pro biotic that contains 6 billion CFUs of active probiotic cultures and soluble pre-biotic FOS (fructooligosaccharides) that encourage friendly bacterial growth. Gut health IS health. Did you know most of your serotonin is actually found in your gut? Yes, that means your gut health is directly related to your mental health. It is also a major supporter and indicative of your immune system. Take care of your gut.

We all get a dose of Elderberry Syrup. I have gotten my elderberry DIY kits from Elizabeth Parsons as well as Seattle Elderberry. Both use incredible, organic ingredients. Seattle Elderberry also offers pre-made syrup as well as a seasonal support blend, which is the kind I linked. If you have a tiny human under 2, I suggest using maple or agave to sweeten your syrup, as littles should avoid honey. As we are PA locals, we purchase our honey from The Bee Keepers Daughter. You should always use local, raw, honey when you can as it will better support your body and allergies!

Oil Up– we do this about 4586250934 times a day and if I had a dollar for every time I misplaced a roller I’d be able to buy all new rollers. There’s almost 100% chance I either have Balance or OnGuard going in the diffusers around the house. We also apply the Balance Roller down our spines & OnGuard roller on our feet! This helps support our immune system as well as our emotional health. Stress, anxiety, grief & sadness, can all negatively impact your immune system. It is just as important to “take heart” as it is to take care of your heart. There are honestly so many oils and blend you could use depending on your personal preference or needs: Rose, Console, Forgive, Elevation, Cheer….for real. If you have a feeling, there’s an oil to help support you through it.

Mito2Max is a natural energy booster. Energy drinks, even coffees, and teas, can make you jittery, dump your adrenal glands, or are full of sugars and artificial flavors. All of those things…you guessed it; negatively impact your immunity. Mito2Max is a non-habit forming energy supplement that will give you a gentle boost without caffeine or the crash.

Water: And just as important as the water you drink, electrolytes. I was drinking TONS of water, but getting shakey and light headed. I had depleted my body of much needed sodium and other electrolytes. We are obsessed with Redmond Re-Lyte. I alternate between adding Re-Lyte and oils like Lemon to my water. BONUS– use the code TNB15 for 15% off of Redmond products including Re-Lyte!

Before Bed:
As earlier in the day, we oil up. This time, we typically use calming oils like Adaptiv, Magnolia, or Serenity. Anchor is my favorite blend to have going in the diffusers. We also do Frankincense Touch down our spines because Frankincense is the King of Oil- amplifying and supporting all of the others. It is like putting the word “very” in front of an adjective like “big.”

Ethan and I each take at least 1 Copaiba Softgel. Copaiba, when taken internally, can help support the nervous, cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and respiratory systems. As your body does most of its repair and refreshing over night, this is a great opportunity to give it a little extra boost. Which is why we also take an OnGuard+ Softgel at night as well. Our immunities and bodies do most of their processing while we sleep. Often, people take all of their supplements in the morning before they start their day, which is fine! But at night is an even better time to take some of them.

The need for sleep usually also means taking either the Serenity Softgels or Adaptiv Capsules. Serenity is what you should grab if you’re actually struggling to fall asleep. Adaptiv Capsules are my go-to when I just can’t get my brain to turn off. I’m fairly certain a combination of the 2 along with Copaiba would knock you out. These supplements are all non-habit forming and will not interfere with things like your natural melatonin production. I usually compare Serenity to “a cup of sleepy time tea in a softgel.”

We’ve been doing most of these rhythms for about 2 years now. I’ve worked in and out of multiple schools, in multiple age groups, and multiple districts. Ethan works with the public every day, and has through the entirety of the “pandemic.” We drink lots of water. We do our best to get outside for fresh air and SUNSHINE. With the exception of just a minor sniffle, or the 24hr bug the toddler so lovingly shared, we’ve been illness free. Again, I can’t say what we do will guarantee perfect health and immunity, but we must be “greasing our joints” well because we haven’t ceased up.

If you have any questions about any of the products I mentioned or getting started with natural products to support your home and body, feel free to reach out on instagram @TheNurturedBee or email me at TheNurturedBee@gmail.com. If you’re ready to jump in, here is a link with the basic products mentioned above that includes a wholesale membership- GETTING STARTED.

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