Sheet Soak

Like having a favorite stove burner, another sign of adulthood may be having a favorite set of sheets.

I think Ethan and I got this set of sheets sometime our first year of marriage. They are Nate Berkus from Target and we love them. Of all of our sheets, they are our favorite.

A few weeks ago as we were putting them on the bed, I felt like the sheets just felt…slimey? Oily? As if they had a weird coating on them. I typically wash our sheets hot with the addition of baking soda and vinegar but I knew these needed more. They needed a super soak.

I started seeing the idea of soaking bedding last year. People would post how gross water was after doing clean laundry. It’s typically a combo of baking soda, washing soda, vinegar, and your choice of detergent. The idea is to soak your laundry, in our case sheets, to do a deep clean that a washer just can’t.

I was missing washing soda, but always have baking soda & vinegar on hand. In our tub, I did the hottest water I could get, a cap full of Honest Baby Detergent, a few cups of vinegar, and at least 1 cup of baking soda. I swished it all around and let it sit.

I came back and stirred now and again. Just like making loose leaf tea, you always get a better cup the more space the tea has to open up. The same concept applies here which is why you want to do it in a tub, not your washer.

After a few hours of soaking and swishing, I did a general wring and put it all in the washer with my regular baking soda and vinegar wash. You can see from the picture above the the yucky water from the soak.

Consensus on the sheet soak:

Definitely major improvement. I didn’t have washing soda, and I think that would have made a difference. Our drain also doesn’t seal very well when you use the stopper so I know I lost a lot of the water that had the detergent, baking soda & vinegar. I think if I had been able to soak them in a fuller tub and had washing soda, they’d have come out better, but they def are wayyyyy better than before.

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