Canister Planter

My friend Alexa is a hardcore thrifter. Up there as a serious champ of thrifters honestly. She is a fairly consistent contributor to my blue & white obsession. We also are both “banned” by our husbands to buy more mugs, so we buy them for each other. It’s a nice win-win.

1000 years ago she came across these BEAUTIFUL canisters and snagged them for me. We were finally able to coordinate and they are in my possession. I already have blue canisters, also found by Alexa. I knew right away I wanted to use these for bouquets as my flowers come in this Spring. The largest canister is very large and too big for a bouquet. I decided it was, however, the perfect size for catmint!

As the name suggests, catmint is a favorite of furry felines. Unlike catnip it has beautiful purpleish-blue blooms. It is edible, helps repel insects, and has various medicinal properties. Though cats enjoy it, it does not quite give them the same euphoric experience catnip does. Catmint and catnip are two completely different plants!

It happens to be one of the many plants I am incorporating into the pollinator garden as it’s lovely little blooms attract bees and butterflies! I will more than likely dry some for the cats, and to keep on hand for teas and such. As they are more of a bush than a plant, they are fairly hardy with a long blooming window. I am hoping to line the front edge of our garden with catmint and marigolds so I need at least 6 more plants. I planted 3 here in this particular pot. With a little help from my tiny assistant of course!

Thankfully catmint has a fairly short germination of 10-15 days so it doesn’t take long to find out if they’ve taken or not. Meanwhile I’m JUST starting to see (or not see) whether or not my first seeds took as their germinations were a solid 30 days or so.

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