Toddler Cake Decorating

Do you think I’m crazy?

Before you go down that rabbit trail, I won’t lie, I’ve even impressed myself with this creativity.

I saw a puffy paint recipe on Pinterest and I had a top 10 idea. I mentioned in the February Review how much Athena has been watching Kids Baking Championship. Let me reiterate. She is in full baking mode all of the time. Absolutely obsessed.

And the idea was born.

Mix the puffy paint, but put it in bags with piping tips. BOOM. Pretend cake decorating activity. 2 extra cardboard boxes, some sensitive skin shaving cream, regular old glue, and some natural food dye. What’s fun is, the consistency is very much like marshmallowy frosting.

Even Eleanor enjoyed the activity!

The best part, this was ridiculously easy to clean up. At the end of our adventure we simply pulled the tips and tossed everything out. As this puffy paint does actually dry, you could let your child’s cake dry. When it does, it retains a bit of bounce. Our child has 0 chill so saving that particular activity was not really an option, but I’m hoping one of her future “cakes” will make the cut!

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