Oh How {Delight}ful

It’s starting to feel a little cliche, but 6 years ago when I started picking a “word of the year,” it wasn’t the trend that it seems to be now.

My 2022 word of the year came in, nearly, at the last hour. I was honestly stressing just a little because nothing was really clicking.

I happened across the word “delight.”

It became apparent pretty quickly, that delight was the exact word that I needed for this year. I want to find delight in the small things, and the big. On the hard days and the beautiful days. I want the choices that we make, and the love that we give to be a delight to the Lord.

As a side note, New Years Eve as I was laying in bed working on sleep, I found myself praying, thanking God for the year passed and praying protection, wisdom, and guidance for the year ahead. I’m not sure why, but I very specifically prayed for decisions to be made clear and direct- cloud by day and fire by night. I seriously pulled that reference out from deep in my OT class days. But on Sunday morning we sang Egypt as part of our worship set, that echos those exact words- https://youtu.be/5B-dfMnZ0Ug

A cloud by day
Is a sign that You are with me The fire by night
Is the guiding light to my feet

Honestly, I’m not sure what it means. But I also don’t think it’s a coincidence! I can’t wait to do a recap at the end of 2022 and reflect on how delight plays out throughout our year, and if Egypt ends up coming back around to have any more meaning.

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