Snow Painting

Some days, getting out just isn’t going to work. Some days I just can’t justify 30min of bundling for 15min of outside time. Or in our case, the yard is mostly slush. And that’s when I started bringing the outside, IN.

In a regular cake pan, I added some clean snow I was able to scoop up, purple ice cubes I’d been keeping on hand for such a day as this, and some odds & ends stones and such. Oh, and a Dino friend, of course. Because dinosaurs are life.

For some added play, I mixed a few of our bathtub paints with a bit of water for her to paint the snow. You could easily just dye water, mix some regular finger paints, add some color to body wash or something comparable for a similar effect.

This activity took about 5 minutes to put together for her to do while the baby napped and I cleaned the kitchen. It was nearly an hour of fun and entertainment, with a few breaks to let her fingers thaw.

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