My Fav Foundational Clothing Pieces

Yes, I have a black dress or 2. Yes, I have some skirts and a handful of Kate Spade pieces from when I worked there in college. I also have absolutely no problem thrifting or hitting up my friend Alexa of MisfitThrifted for some goodies from time to time.

BUT, there are a few things that I have found to be VERY worth the investment, at least for me.

When it comes to Jeans I love a good jegging. With two little kids and running around, I need stretch. As someone who has ALWAYS struggled with pants fitting, I prefer a high waist. Having lived through the 90s wide leg life, I will stick with my skinny jean. Personally, American Eagle Jeans have always been the best fit. I can get my size, but in LONG. It is life changing. My current pair I definitely got around Sophomore year of college. I recently developed naturally distressed (holey) knees. It took nearly 10 years.

If you follow me on Instgram or have been around for any length of time you know I have a deep obsession with my Quilted Sweatshirt Tunic collection from Duluth. They are so cozy and I have 3. I rotated through them almost every day of the week all winter long. If you follow me on Insta, you know that’s not an exaggeration. I got 2 of my tunics on clearance for under $20. Seriously, keep your eye out for when colors go on clearance.

Bras have also been a bane of my existence. I never really had a whole lot to start with, then I had some serious changes through breastfeeding two tiny humans. After living in nursing bras for more or less the last 4 years, I was ready for a “real bra.” But I wanted something comfortable, something without an underwire, and something with at least a little coverage/lining, and something that still had a latch in the back that wasn’t overhead like a sports bra. A few weeks ago I found the Real Chill Bra at Aerie and OH MY GOSH. It does all of these things. It may be the perfect bra.

Overalls Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls
Y’all. I never thought I’d be an overalls person. They kinda started coming back into fashion a few years ago and I was staunchly against them. And then I got a pair of short overalls, and a pair of jean overalls. And then, I got these. They have elastic shoulder straps so when you bend they don’t hurt. They have SO MANY POCKETS. Like, SO MANY. I love the colors. They have a strap to roll them at the bottom. They aren’t too hot for summer, but I absolutely wore them through the winter comfortably as well.

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