I’m Not Dead Yet

As a huge Monty Python fan, I laugh. Our Pastor often jokes “If you’re still sucking air, He’s not done with you yet.” So I’ll take the latter as a real win!

Many of you know, the past year I had stepped in to a supportive administrative role for TNHA. I LOVE True North and have no plans to leave any time soon, but did make the decision to step back from my administrative role so that I could focus on teaching, and like life. It also meant that over the last 12 months my website, blog, and curriculum writing had all taken a bit more of a back seat. OH YEAH, then we decided to buy a house and move…a blog post on that will be coming eventually too.

SO, I’m super excited because my life is “I just need to get through XYZ and things will slow down,” and I’m finally getting to the “slow down.” That means the time and inspiration to catch up and get some content of ALL KINDS through the pipe line.

When dad takes pictures of mom.

Curriculum: I’m going to be putting together High School Lit Bundles with some exclusive content that isn’t included in the original bundles. MORE units coming- Sense & Sensibility, Brave New World, 1984, a HUGE creative writing unit, and some other fun little units like Secret Garden that I started months ago but just haven’t been able to finish.

Home: I’ll be sharing about our moving process- cuz only God my friends. Along with some of the updates we’ve already done and dreams to come.

Parenting/Homeschool: LOL Y’all know I’m just making it up as I go along but always here to bring you along on the ride with some of our adventures. We’ve had some great EDventures, and more learning curves the last few months.

TNB: I am ALWAYS finding new curriculum, new books, new podcasts, new rhythms, and new goodies that I’m desperate to share. I will be adding so much more to my resources area for homeschool families to sift through options and just more.

Reading: I’ve actually managed to not just read some books, but listen to a few too! That means some book reviews will be coming out in the next few weeks. If you’ve got some friends to shop for Christmas, nothing beats a good book and solid tea!

What are you most excited for!?

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