Let’s Have a Cuppa- Podcast

I’ve secretly always wanted to podcast but could never figure out what I wanted to do a podcast ON. I have so many hobbies, and things that I enjoy discussing. From literature, to homesteading, to music, to baking- how could I ever pick ONE niche? Then, I thought about all of the people I’d want to talk to and have on my podcast. I realized, THAT’S IT! I don’t HAVE to have a “niche” or singular topic. I can have ALL of my friends on to talk about the cool things they do. And, as they ARE in fact my friends, that means we have SOMETHING in common. That means, I get to talk about all of my favorite things, with my favorite people. It felt like a win all the way around.

As I almost always have a hot drink readily available, all year round, with a rotation of coffee and tea, Let’s Have a Cuppa felt like the right title. An invitation to my friends, and listeners, to grab a cup, sit down, and have a chat.

You can find episode below right HERE on my site, or from the links below on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and YouTube.

Let's Have a Cuppa-Audra Smith S1.E5 Let’s Have a Cuppa

Audra is a wife, mother, and, my favorite title yet, domestic engineer. We've been virtual friends for a few years now, and it was super fun to actually see each other's faces and have a conversation. We have a TON in common including strong-willed daughters, 2020 babies, bearded husbands, and worship. You can follow along with Audra on her insta at https://www.instagram.com/audrashoupesmith/ To read her content for the Birmingham Moms Collective, you can check out their website- https://birmingham.momcollective.com/author/audrasmith/
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