Natural Classes


Making the choice to live a healthier life style for you and your family can be very daunting and overwhelming. There are typically 3 categories: personal care, homeopathic support, and home/cleaning. The best place to start is by picking 1 category to switch at a time!

If you are a mom, soon-to-be, or hope-to-be, I also have a number of classes specialized just for you! Mama’s and babies are my heart’s passion and my favorite topic to talk about!

The Nurtured Bee Natural Wellness Team has access to all of the classes below for free on our Team Support Page! Each class below is at least 20 minutes and represent hours of research & education.

The $1.50 charge for most classes simply helps offset the costs of running the website and my time.

*These classes include products beyond dōTERRA!*

Fertility & Pregnancy
We will be discussing different ways to help prepare your body for pregnancy, and how to continue to keep yourself in tip-top shape for growing that tiny human! $1.50

Labor & Delivery
During this session, we will discuss different oils to help support you through the labor process, no matter your birth plan; natural, medicated, c-section, etc. $1.50

Post Partum Mom Care
Taking care of yourself after labor is just as important as caring for your new arrival! We will discuss hormonal support, stretch marks, PPD, and more! $1.50

Babies & Boobies
I’ll be covering some ways to help support breastfeeding, and transitioning your baby into the world and dealing with issues like colic, pain management, teething, rashes, etc. $1.50

Immunity Support
Sickness is inevitable, but you can support your body to help ward off more bugs than you catch, and keep your body running at its best! $1.50

Natural Cleaning
Did you know most cleaning products on the market are as toxic as second hand smoke? Ditch the chemicals for stuff that works and won’t kill you….literally. Free

Personal Care
Our skin is our largest organ and most women put on over 100 chemicals before leaving the house in the morning. Lessen your toxic load by making a few easy switches! $1.50

Medicine Bin
Tossing OTC medications, discussing what oils I use to replace them, money saving tips, and more! $1.50

Active Lifestyle
Whether you run marathons or rows of shingles, do yoga, or up and down steps 300 times a day- this class is for you! $1.50

Do you have a class topic you’d like to see?
Want to schedule a virtual or in-person class? Let me know below!