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Welcome to my curriculum shop! As a PA Certified Teacher, I have a number of curriculum that I have written and implemented in my own classrooms over the years! As a homeschool mom, I have also written a preschool curriculum for our own tiny human and additional mini units! Below, you can find info on each unit/curriculum as well as payment methods.

A percent of each full unit will also be donated to some of my favorite non-profits and ministries:
Greenlight Operation
Hope Inspire Love
Sweet Grace Ministries
American Legion Riders 626
Party Create! Tom & Brooke Harshberger

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Huxley created a world somehow familiar but VERY different from our own. When he initially wrote it, he said that we were very far off from living like this. By the time of his death he was convinced it could happen by the end of the 20th century. He was not far off. Delve into Huxley’s Brave New World with this full unit that includes: -Essay topics & rubric -Study Guide -Unit Test Presentation Topic & Rubric -Creative Assignment & Rubric -Themes Sheet -Vocab -Brave New World Review Jeopardy This unit can be done in a homeschool setting, co-op, or classroom!


Sense & Sensibility DIGIAL DOWNLOAD

This digital download will help guide your student through Austen’s first novel, Sense & Sensibility. It includes: -3 Reading Quizzes -Socratic Seminar Discussion Guide -Creative Assignment & Rubric -Essay Prompts & Rubric -Presentation Assignment & Rubric



Did you know that the Beowulf manuscript was not even found until 1815, even though it’s been dated back to at least 1000? Take a trip to the past, swimming through monsters, gold, dragons, heroes, and parties. This unit uses the B&N publication (linked), and includes: -4 study guides -3 projects (creative, presentation & essay) WITH rubrics -Kahoot Review -Unit Test & answer key



The Life Cycle, Habitats, & Raising Swallowtail Butterflies. What it includes: 1. What you need to attract & raise your own swallowtail butterflies! Hyperlinks to products are included when necessary. 2. How to set up your habitat and collect eggs & caterpillars 3. The life cycle from egg to butterfly with fully colored pictures, most of which came from my own garden. 4. How to care for your butterfly once it emerges 5. Identifying male & female swallowtails 6. Chrysalis vs Cocoon 7. Butterfly/caterpillar themed supplemental activities including answer keys when necessary! 8. List of books that go with the butterfly theme! 9. List of NATIVE PA plants for pollinators 10. Links to Penn State Extension Free Webinar & Article



I had so much fun with the Valentine’s Day unit, I knew that I had to create a St. Patrick’s Day one, as it is my favorite holiday! This unit includes 14 days of plans where you and your children will learn about the life of the real Saint Patrick, along with fun activities. ***Every purchase also includes a very, extra special video from Leo and Mrs. Brooke from Party Create!*** 50% from every purchase will be going to my very dear, and sweet friends, Tom & Brooke Harshberger, who are currently in ministry Northern Ireland. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate St. Patrick.


Practice Sheets

24 practice sheets- ABCs, Shapes, Colors, & Tracing! My favorite way to use these is slip them into sheet protectors and use erase markers to reuse over and over!


TNB North American Wildlife Mini Unit

North America has some of the most varied and unique wild life; mostly because our continent has so many different types of habitats! Using our Shine Bin’s North American Wildlife Play & Learn Bin Mini Unit we’re going to learn all about the animals you may even find right in your back yard! This 5 day unit can be done straight through 1 week, or 1-2 days a week divided through the month! Each day has a different focus. I also added a short youtube video that helps go with the theme of each day and the Learning Sheets included with your bin! This mini unit comes with an exclusive discount code to purchase your Play & Learn Bin!


Figurative Language Practice Sheets- Digital Download

-2 Simile/Metaphor practice sheets -Alliteration practice -2 Onomatopoeia practice sheets -Hyperbole Practice Sheet -Personification Practice Sheet Upper Elementary Reading Level


Romeo & Juliet Full Unit- DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

This comprehensive Romeo & Juliet Unit can easily be used in a classroom setting, co-op, or individual homeschool needs! The unit includes over 50 pages including: -Study guides for each Act -Comprehension questions for each Act -Corresponding assignments with the focus of each Act -A Summative Exam with Review Questions -Corresponding Projects -AND MORE! 10% of all proceeds go to the Hope Inspire Love. Learn more at



Night is a powerful story of Elie Wiesel’s experience as a survivor of Auschwitz. This unit plan includes: -7 Study Guides that also include vocabulary – Pre-read assignment – 2 Rotation Station question sets (to be answered in small groups 10-20 min/question) – Life Sized characterization project – Cornell Notes 10% of all proceeds go to American Legion Riders Post 626. Learn more at


Short Story Writing Unit- DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

This full unit includes everything you need to walk through writing a short story with your student. This unit includes: -Full unit Exam -Exam Answer Key -Archetypes -Outlines -Figurative Language -Edit sheets -Rubrics -Vocabulary AND MORE! This unit can be done in a homeschool setting, co-op, or classroom! 10% of all proceeds go to the Hope Inspire Love. Learn more at


The Crucible Full Unit- DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

This fun unit plan includes: -Pre-read activities -Study Guides -Projects w rubrics -Summative assessment -Essays -Vocab And MORE! 10% of all proceeds go to Sweet Grace Ministries. Learn more at


Pride & Prejudice-DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

This full unit includes everything you need to read through and teach Pride & Prejudice. It includes: -Full unit Exam -Exam Answer Key -Character Sheets -Themes Worksheets -Creative Assignments WITH rubrics -Essay topics WITH rubrics -Edit sheets -Presentation Topics -Vocabulary AND MORE! This unit can be done in a homeschool setting, co-op, or classroom! 10% of all proceeds go to the Hope Inspire Love. Learn more at



Not sure if you’re ready to commit to the full TNB Preschool Curriculum? This is a great option to get an idea of the layout and how it may work for your family! This set includes plans for December through March! 10% of all proceeds go to the Greenlight Operation Restoration Home Project. Learn more at


This 14 day mini study, pointing kids to the love of God leading up to Valentines Day. Each day has a verse highlighting examples of God’s love for us, or how we are to share that love, and a very short caption. Activities range from simple craft, to glow stick baths, hugs, or letting the light of God’s love shine!

This 14 day mini study was written with tiny humans in mind- prek to about 3rd grade, these activities could easily be expanded or simplified to fit your needs.

This freebie is a quick, easy way to assess students either during class or at the end as an exit slip. The front (first page) gives students the ability to self assess if they understand, sort of understand, or really don’t get it. The back (second page) gives them the chance to write down a specific question and their name. This gives students who don’t feel comfortable asking question, or admitting they don’t understand, the ability to do so in a private manner. You could use this in a classroom, a co-op, or even your homeschool family! Simply print, copy 1 sided->2 sided, and cut between the boxes!

So you don’t have to wonder, “What am I going to do with these kids all summer?”
Summer is my favorite season. I love the warm, the sunshine, and all of the excuses to be outside. Of course the trout fishing isn’t too terrible either. But, like most moms, by some point in May, I’m already thinking, “What are we going to do this summer?” So I sat down and came up with a theme of focus for each week, and made Pinterest boards with ideas already organized. THEN I thought, “Maybe I should just share this.”


These additional units will be available in the coming weeks and months! Each unit has a unit test or reading quizzes, and additional assignments including essay topics, creative projects, and more.