Cradle Cap, Colic, & Heat Rash

28381699_10215352333626687_801382441_nAs parents, especially first timers, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed or feel like a failure when your little human has “something wrong” with them- even when it’s perfectly normal! Below are 3 super fast, super easy, recipes to take care of 3 of the most common baby issues.

Cradle Cap: At just shy of 2 months, while washing Thea’s hair, I noticed a small patch of dry skin about where her soft spot was. My heart sank as I realized it was cradle cap. As a first time mom I felt like it was my first “failure.” My poor baby had flakey hair and it had to be my fault! My mother assured me it was very normal and I’d done what I was supposed to to try and prevent it but most babies get it. The next step was stopping the spread and moisturizing the flakey skin.

A quick search told me coconut oil, lavender, and melaleuca oils were the way to go.

3 table spoons of organic coconut oil (solid NOT fractioned or melted)

6 drops lavender oil

3 drops melaleuca oil

In mixer, add your coconut oil. Begin whipping. It is important that the oil be solid or it will not be able to hold air and whip. Once it is smooth and most of the lumps are gone, add the essential oils. Whip another minute or so to incorporate. Make sure to scrape the sides. Store in an air tight container (jam sizes mason jars are fabulous) in a fairly cool location. Too cold and it’ll go solid. Too hot and it’ll melt!

First brush the area to loosen any flakes. Gently apply the whip, making sure it gets down to the scalp. I left the mixture on for 30 minutes and rinsed her hair in warm water, again using a soft brush to help get down to the scalp. Her hair was still a bit oily AND THAT’S OK! I continued to brush her hair a few more times during the day to distribute the oil and stimulate the scalp.

The following morning I added additional whip, and again let it sit for a half hour. This time when I washed her hair I used shampoo and the brush. After the initial rinse to get the majority of suds out, I had premixed a bucket of warm water with a few ounces of breast milk mixed in. *In case you were unaware, breast milk is like liquid magic and can be used to help soothe and heal a multitude of baby ailments!* I used this to finish rinsing her hair.

In about 24hrs her cradle cap had completely disappeared! Her scalp was flake free and her hair was extra soft!

What am I doing with the extra whip now that our case of cradle cap has been solved? It makes a perfectly light and divine smelling moisturizer!

Colic: This is one of the most common baby issues and there’s literally no cure. Doctors aren’t even really sure what causes it to begin with. Though I’ve used Gripe Water, with great success, that treats the problem after she starts screaming her head off. This roller blend helps soothe a colicky tummy BEFORE all of the screaming.

10ml roller bottle

5 drops DigestZen

2 drops Peppermint

Carrier oil of choice

Add essential oils to your roller bottles and fill with carrier oil. Give a light shake to blend. Apply to the bottom of baby’s feet and or tummy to help aid digestion and general colic.

Heat Rash: Athena was born December 19th. You would think being a winter baby, heat rash wouldn’t really be an issue. You would be wrong. This child sweats like she’s run a marathon and all she’s done is sleep. More often than not she is in nothing but a diaper and socks.


Why? Because the poor little thing gets intense heat rash. It doesn’t itch. It doesn’t bother her, but you can imagine how uncomfortable being that hot is. This quick spray works wonders at cooling and soothing the rash.

15ml pray bottle

Witch Hazel

Distilled Water

5 drops Peppermint

In the spray bottle, fill half way with distilled water, add your peppermint oil, and finish filling with witch hazel. Before I use the spray, I always give a quick shake. I spray her before and after nap time on her back and stomach. I cover her face with a burp cloth to avoid getting it in her eyes. The peppermint helps cool quickly- think about when you chew mint gum or mint candy: when you take a breath your mouth feels cool!

Visit my.doterra.com/knaubknows , to start your essential oils journey to help you and your family lead a more natural life!

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