Favorite Things-Baby Pt. 1

There are so many fun baby products on the market. It’s always interesting to listen to the mothers and grandmothers oogle at all the “cool new stuff they have nowadays,” compared to when “they were moms.” There are PLENTY of things that aren’t worth the money, but there are definitely a few that are worth EVERY PENNY. Here are my first 5.

Bum Spatula

Instead of saving the best for last, I’m starting with this one! Our little human HATED having any sort of soiled diaper. Don’t get me wrong, I’d never let my child wallow in her own filth, but for the first month or so of life, we easily went through 40 diapers in 2 days. There were nights I’d change her, nurse on one side, change her again, nurse on the other side, change her again; and if she didn’t fall asleep quickly enough, change her for the 4th time in about a 1 hour span. That’s a lot of wiping, which meant a raw bum.


This led to the application of the Honest Co. All Purpose Balm (see later down the list), almost every diaper change. Mama ain’t got time to do a full hand wash 4 times in the middle of the night, trying to clean out goop from under my nail each time wasn’t happening, and my hands were getting raw from the constant sanitizing. I saw an add for this somewhere and got it. Sweet baby Jesus this might be my all time favorite baby thing. A little spot of cream, the soft silicone doesn’t hurt in cracks and crevices, helps get a nice thick, even coat, and is very easily wipeable and dishwasher safe. I know. It’s silly. You have fingers. But it’s fabulous and travels easily. It doesn’t disappoint.

Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib

We currently live in a 3 bedroom townhouse, about 1,200 sq ft. Though a comfortable size, the rooms are not the largest. While reading an article about space saving with a baby, I came across the mini crib. After some research, I found this gem (we have it in white). It was pretty easy to put together, came with very clear instructions that even Gimli was able to help with. It is 39L x 23W x 36H inches, where as a full crib is more like 56.25″l x 30.5″w x 40.25″h. A full crib would have completely swallowed the room. I’m only putting a tiny human in it- why does it need to be so big!? It has 3 height levels (the middle one is perfect with our mattress), I still use regular sized crib sheets (I just tuck the extra under the mattress well), and it does have the capacity to turn into a day bed, and a toddler bed, further down the line.

Summer Infant Comfort Heigh Bath Tub

This thing is schnazzy! I am all about multipurpose, and this tub hits the mark! It has a lift (blue part) to help avoid killing your back that you can later use as a bathroom step stool, an infant insert (green), and the actual tub (white). It is the perfect size for our bathtub, super easy to fill/drain, and over all I’d give it a 10/10 for use-ability and versatility!


Blooming Flower Bath

Even though the bathtub above is super awesome, the Blooming Flower Bath is excellent

26167074_10214898252914953_2511696655277930737_n.jpgfor itty bitty newborns and travel! It is super soft, with nice thick foam padding. Athena’s first bath was in the BFB; I put it in a smaller dish tub to help contain her and the water. We recently traveled to Watertown, NY to visit my grandparents, and took that with us incase of major blowout. It folded up and takes up almost no room. After using it, I ring it out as best as possible, and throw it in the washer/dryer. Super easy peasy and adorable. We already have plans to use it to take pictures this Halloween when she is dressed up like a lady bug! It would even be great as a play mat!

Honest Company Bundles

My husband had very sensitive skin as a child, and honestly, still does. With this knowledge, when I found out I was pregnant I signed up for the Honest Company Diaper bundles. They are made without chlorine and synthetic fragrances. The wipes are plant based and don’t have a bunch of chemicals soaked into them. They come with 6 packs of diapers (size and print of your choice) and 4 packs of wipes (72ct), for just under $80. Before she was born, I had a closet full of diapers (newborn-size 4) already pre stocked. Even when we were running out of size 1, I didn’t have to worry. The diapers are delivered right to my door! All I have to do is log into the app. I can set the boxes to come every few weeks, or if I need them sooner/later, I can adjust the shipping date EASY AS PIE. Did I mention the adorable prints? Oh, and they’re pretty well nearly leak proof, I’M CONVINCED! The only issues we’ve had are self induced back blowout due to how she was sitting.

I also get an Essentials Bundle. This includes all other Honest Co. products. For a flat price of $35.95, you get any 5 items they offer, with the opportunity to order additional items at 25% off. Each order I get the baby laundry detergent, and regular laundry detergent. Hands down one of their best products is the Organic All-Purpose Balm. This stuff is my “windex.” Dry skin? Balm. Raw baby butt? Balm. Razor burn? Balm. I can pronounce all of the ingredients, and it’s magical. We have pretty much all of their cleaning products, the make-up remover wipes are fab, and swear by the belly balm (NO STRETCH MARKS!). After almost a year of orders, I can legitimately say that we haven’t gotten a product we didn’t like. Oh yeah, and this ships right to your house just like the diapers.

Use my referral code to sign up for any of the bundle options- you just might get a goodie from me! *Other than potential invite your friend credit, I am not getting paid to review/suggest Honest Co.

Hopefully if you are expecting, you have some new goodies to add to your registry. If you know someone expecting, you can surprise them with one of these great products (that bum spatula is just begging to be added to a gift basket). Next week I will be posting my next 6 favorite baby items: whale rinser, cloth diapers (not why you think!), back pack diaper bag, car seat cover/nursing cover, gripe water, and my favorite wrap! 

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