School Work Accountability Slips

One of the hardest parts of being a teacher is holding students accountable. I could spend hours telling you all of the lessons parents are no longer teaching their kids, the growing jobs of teachers, etc….but I’ll save you all from that. Instead, here are 2 teacher freebies to help you keep you students accountable! The great thing is that these could work for any student who can check a box!

1 The first freebie is a quick, easy way to assess students either during class or at the end as an exit slip. The front (first page) gives students the ability to self assess if they understand, sort of understand, or really don’t get it. The back (second page) gives them the chance to write down a specific question and their name. This gives students who don’t feel comfortable asking question, or admitting they don’t understand, the ability to do so in a private manner. This gives you as a teacher data and a paper trail. Simply print, copy 1 sided->2 sided, and cut between the boxes! How-are-you-doing

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.19.13 PM

2 This second one is very similar to the first. Instead of self-assessing understanding, this slip holds students accountable. If a student does not finish an in-class assignment, they will need to turn in this slip. If they turn it in filled out (honestly) partial credit or the opportunity to get extra time to finish may be awarded. As with the first one, if a student truly doesn’t understand this gives them the ability to express that. If it’s incomplete for other reasons, as a teacher you have the data/documentation as to why assignments aren’t being completed. i-didnt-finish-because…

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.18.57 PM

Accountability is hard. Having data and documentation for everything from understanding to behavior can be difficult. These seemingly inconspicuous slips can help identify strengths, weaknesses, and even classroom management holes! They’re also great when parents ask why a student is struggling. By using these, the students are self evaluating. You can show parents that their student is struggling but you’re working together to help, OR, by their own admission, their student is talking/not using time wisely. It’s really a win for all involved!

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