Dryer Sheets VS Dryer Balls

One of the many places we inadvertently expose ourselves to chemicals is our laundry! This is something I never thought about until I had a baby- why can’t I use regular clothes soap and dryer sheets on my baby clothes? If these products aren’t safe enough for her, how are they possibly safe for ME!? So I took a look at dryer sheets. Here is the ingredient list for a popular brand:

The first is not even pronounceable. You just cleaned your clothes and clay is an ingredient….? “Fragrance” just screams FAKE CHEMICALS!
We got these dryer balls a few years ago for Christmas. But they’re not scented. And the
img_2823.jpegcats would steal them all of the time. They {sadly} went unused for quite sometime. While organizing our linen closet I rediscovered them (yay!) and this time, I had my collection of essential oils to add to them!
If I had infinite amounts of time I’d divide the laundry and do specific oils for types of clothes.
  • Gym clothes- wild orange and peppermint
  • Work clothes- OnGuard (ward off the germs!!!)
  • Jammies- Lavender and Lemon
  • Baby clothes- Lavender and Peace
  • Casual clothes- Balance
  • Linens- Purify
  • Pet things (blankets, beds, etc)- Lemon and Wild Orange


But alas, I do not quite have all of the time in the world, THUS, I stick with Lavender and Lemon more often than not.
I add 1 dryer ball with 2 drops lavender and 2 drops of lemon. I put each drop in a different spot on the ball, and give them a minute to soak in a bit. Toss it in and launder as usual! I reoil every 3-5 loads.
  • The dryer balls are more or less infinitely reusable
  • Both the dryer balls AND oils are safe for all members of the family!
  • No residual trash: am I the only one that would find stupid dryer sheets EVERYWHERE!?
  • No added chemicals or residue on your clothing
  • The rolling, bouncing ball helps fluff towels, pillows, and T-shirt’s a like!

If you were to get a bottle of Lavender JUST for adding to laundry, and purchase the dryer balls ($9 for 6), you’d have enough oil for about 2 years of laundry!!!! Yes, you read that right, for about $30 you get 6 dryer balls and enough oil for TWO WHOLE YEARS. Conclusion- using a wool dryer ball and adding a few drops of oil is much healthier for you than a dryer sheet AND is ridiculously cost effective!

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