First Easter Basket

One of my most favorite parts of being a Mommy is finding gifts and goodies for our sweet baby girl. For any of you that have littles or grand-littles…self control is seriously SO hard. I can’t remember where I saw it, but I saw this little rhyme in reference to Christmas gifts- “Something to wear, something to read, something you want, and something you need.” This rhyme is what I try and keep in mind when shopping for my little, or even for baby shower gifts- because again, self control. We add in “something to watch,” since we are still building our kid’s movie collection. Athena will only be a little over 3 months for her first Easter, but I am a sucker for traditions, and any excuse to get her little things is a win for me!


God Gave Us Easter– I came across this book and HAD to have it. We have a thing about


polar bears. The illustrations are adorable, the message is on point, and there is a whole series of “God Gave Us…” books! As you can imagine, this was my pick for “something to read,” and as an English teacher, books are SUPER important! I’m so thankful to have a family of readers and parents that helped foster that love, so I intend to do the same for our little one!


Long Sleeve Fox Onesies– I feel like we suddenly went from newborn to 3-6 month clothing WAY too quickly. Thea was literally in 0-3 month clothing for a week it feels like.

img_2918.jpgWe have a TON of short sleeve onesies, but other than footie jammies (our other obsessions) we needed a few extra long sleeve onesies to get us through the last few weeks of “winter.” It’s officially Spring according to the calendar but we are in the midst of a nor’ easter as I type. Trying to hold out until Easter to put her in these is killing me, but I’m determined to make it!

Burrow Bunny- Is it really a first Easter if your child doesn’t get a bunny? Have no fear, I already had my own real life bunny a number of years ago. It’s safe to say I’ll be sticking to the stuffed, fluffy ones for a while. This Melissa & Doug bunny is SO unbelievably soft, it’s the perfect side for snuggles, and it’s adorable. I’m in love and hope it will become a favorite for years to come.img_2917.jpg

Whale Water Mat– My child hates tummy time. She is ALL about sitting up, standing, and chilling in her Sadie Exer-saucer where she is upright. In general, she is a champ with head control and holding herself up…but she is still only 3 months. In an attempt to make tummy time more appealing, I came across this cool water mat. You will the whale up with water, and there are floating fish and creatures! Hopefully this will help make her tummy time more exciting, and will give her a fun activity mat as she starts to get older. img_2913.jpg


A Bug’s Life– Ethan and I both LOVE this movie. As a child, I LOVED bugs. Ladybugs, worms, lightning bugs- you name it, I was ALL about it. Ethan freaks out if he even remotely hears something buzz, but this is one of our favorite movies. Is it wrong to use your child as an excuse to buy and watch favorite childhood movies? Maybe? No…? Well, we are.

Gold Polka Dot Bin– I wanted something a little heavy-dutier and lasting than a traditional Easter “basket.” In typical fashion, I scoured the isles of Target in search of just the right bin/basket. The one I settled on is the perfect size for our “Something to wear, something to watch, something to read, something you want, and something you need.” It is pretty sturdy as it is not one of the collapsable bins, so I expect it to last at least a few Easter’s before needing to be replaced. I’m not usually a huge gold fan, but I love polka dots, and this cream and gold combo has just the right of flair.

img_2921.jpgI know that she will never remember this Easter, being only a few months old. I know that the gifts we’re giving her are not the point of Easter, just as Christmas gifts are not the point of Christmas. Our Easter basket is to celebrate Jesus’ gift of redemption, forgiveness, and salvation, in our own way, on a level she’ll understand.

PS- last Easter, we announced to my family that we were expecting! Here’s a little flash back…I did fix the date before giving it to them.

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