Cast Iron

This is my first time attempting to incorporate some video into my blog! Below, you will find an abridged version of what I am chatting about in the video. Today’s topic is Cast Iron!

When completing our wedding registry, I tried to be sensible. One of the first things I added was cast iron. There are a TON of options and styles. Using cast iron even helps add iron to your diet! Cast iron is nearly invincible. There’s a reason everyone from pioneers to campers use it. The kryptonite of cast iron is water, but even that is surmountable!

How to season your cast iron:

-Wash and dry your cast iron thoroughly if new.

-Scrub with steel wool to remove rust if need be

-Cover your entire piece in oil. Inside and out. Lodge suggests vegetable oil, canola oil, quality shortening, or their seasoning oil.

-Place your cast iron in the oven and set to 400. Make sure you have ventilation. There may be SOME smoke.

-Leave in the oven for at least 1hr. Turn off, and allow your cast iron to cool.

Cook with your cast iron as normal!

To wash your cast iron:

-Rinse with hot water

-Sprinkle liberally with salt and use a scrub brush like THIS or chain mail to get any food off. Rinse with hot water.

-The salt is abrasive enough to remove food without stripping the seasoning.

-Dry and re-oil with a thin layer.

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Scrub Brush    Combo Cooker    Scrapers and Handle Covers    Dutch Oven

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