A Year Ago Today

Ethan and I are HUGE JRR Tolkein fans. We rotate through The Hobbit movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean on loop. Our special love of Middle Earth aided in our choice of #EAKAdventures16 as our general “couple hashtag.” Last year for Ethan’s birthday, I got him LOTR, Blue-Ray, extended edition, and a large Smaug Pop figure. I didn’t realize he was a big one until they came in the mail, so that was a win! This picture was from the morning of his birthday.


While he was at work that day I was driving around running errands. On a whim I stopped at CVS. I went home, and did the typical, “call my friend to tell her I’m taking a test.” It came back positive in less than 30 seconds. As we were freaking out she was telling me “TAKE THE OTHER ONE! TAKE THE OTHER ONE!” I frantically drank a few cups of water in an attempt to take the second test. That one came back positive faster than the first.

I wrapped the test in tissue paper and placed it in a box with a note that said “Let the adventure begin…” to go along with the Lord of the Rings theme. When Ethan got home I told him he had an extra gift. He began ripping the box open standing up, but I managed to get him to sit to finishing unwrapping.

I’m fairly certain I will never be able to top that birthday gift! A year ago today I found out I was carrying the little love of my life. I told my best friend that he was going to be a father. In the last year we’ve survived our first year of marriage, a pregnancy, and the first 4 months of being parents. He has been the biggest support- grocery shopping, doing my toes when I couldn’t reach them anymore, making me breakfast, encouraging me when I thought I wasn’t going to survive the first weeks of breastfeeding….

Most morning I wake up to the sound of the two of them babbling and chatting in the nursery as he changes her diaper. In the evenings they sit and play and she tells him all about her day. Watching their little relationship grow is the best thing in the world.

Since Ethan’s last birthday, there have been so many changes, and he’s taken every one of them in stride. I am so in love with this crazy man who has become an incredible father. Happy 27th birthday stud muffin!

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