Hamper Refurb

A few years ago, while cleaning out my great-grandmother’s, I got this metal hamper. I’d been wanting to refinish it forever now. I’ve had the spray paint for nearly two years. I FINALLY got to work on it this morning. I knew it would be a super simple process, I just needed to get it done. It started as a great color green, but was clearly a bit worse for wear.

It only took a few supplies to get it done! I used steel wool, my OnGuard cleaner with vinegar, Rust-Oleum primer, and a basic Kylon matte gray.

I first gave the whole thing a good scrub with the steel wool. I then did a wipe-down with my OnGuard concentrated cleaner, mix with vinegar and water. It’s already hot out this morning so it dried quickly.

I then did 2 solid coats of primer to make sure I really covered any dark spots and get a clean pallet for the gray.

I did 3 coats of gray.

I know it’s going in the nursery, just not sure if we should use it as a clothes hamper, or diaper hamper. It will have a liner put in it either way!

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