OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate

This month, dōTERRA’s discounted item of the month is the OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate. I’ve been wanting to get it, so I was SO excited to find out it was on sale. Of course as soon as I got it, I HAD to start using it!

I’d like to take a brief moment of pause for my mother, and any one else who really knows me, to laugh out loud. Yes. You read that right. I was EXCITED to get a cleaning product AND use it.

I promptly mixed up the multi-purpose cleaner recipe (2 tablespoons/24oz) with 16oz of


water and 8oz of vinegar. I started with our back patio area. We have this awful outdoor rug stuff on our 10×10 concrete slab. I had this nasty stain/algae growing? I’m not 100% sure. I sprayed down the area heavily and let it sit a few minutes. I came back with a tub of hot water and a cleaning cloth. I proceeded to scrub, and rinsed with the tub of hot water. It cleaned up good as new!

I also sprayed down the entire patio area with the mix for general cleaning. I knew it would be raining that night, so it worked out!

I then went after my rocker in the nursery. Tiny human, in the span of less than 12 hours had managed to puke all over it. All. Over. Armed with my handy concentrated cleaner I sprayed a bit all over the chair (it needed a good scrub) and gave a few extra sprays to the crusty spots.


Just like it cleaned up the scary stain outside, it cleaned up with baby puke with ease, and left it with the fantastic scent of OnGuard!

I now literally use my cleaner everywhere, on everything. I cleaned the bathroom, I wiped down the counters and oven. I spot clean the carpets, wipe down the windows, and everywhere else I can find! I even used it when doing my Hamper Refurb. I would 100% recommend this product for pretty much all of your cleaning needs. You can even use it to wash your dishes! We were having some dishwasher issues, I put a squeeze into the detergent well and ran an extra hot cycle. It cleaned, disinfected, and got it going with no issue!

*If you would like to learn more about adding and integrating natural products in your home, please contact me in one of the following ways:

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