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Home Zoo

If you are like us, you’ve had a lot of boxes delivered the last few months. Mostly because going out with a toddler and pregnant is not typically my idea of fun. As winter and colder weather tip-toes closer, this is a perfect indoor activity.

If you’re anything like us, your child probably has near a full zoo worth of stuffed animals- seriously. My parents have made it their mission to collect all of the zoo animals for the girls. 

I’m certain if you have kids you probably have some pretend kitchen food/sets too. You probably even have a doctor’s kit. 

Put them all together and make yourself a zoo! 

I ripped or tucked box flaps and stacked them for habitats. After assigning enclosures for our friends, we delivered breakfast to them all. After breakfast they all received a full vetting and medical attention. 

This activity cost us $0 because we had everything laying around the house already. It kept us busy for a solid hour, and we’ve gone back to it and played a few times since.

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