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Shine On Shine Bins

Earlier this summer I discovered Shine Bins. I had been on the hunt for a pre-made sensory bin place for a while. I love sensory bins. I very quickly realized that more often than not, in order to provide the variations I was wanting to provide for Athena, it was going to cost way more money and Amazon purchases than my husband would ever allow. I had found a few other businesses that make them, but the prices were pretty steep. When I came across Shine Bins, it was like my prayers had been answered!

Just a few reasons why I love Shine Bins:
-Provided with each bin is a Shine Sheet. This little sheet has conversation starters and activities that go along with the theme of each month’s bin!
-Each bin also includes a suggested reading that also goes along with the theme of each bin!
-The play dough is not messy like play doh. It has a great feel and super fun colors!
-The items in each bin are totally age appropriate and FUN. They have an option to replace smaller items with larger manipulatives for children under 3 (or per your own preference).
-Athena absolutely loves her bins and plays with them on repeat all month long.
-Stephanie, who started SB, is an elementary behavior specialist: AKA a PRO.
-I love that there’s real thought put into each bin. It’s not just a hodge-podge of stuff
-It is a mom run small business! Stephanie and Emily are both rock-star moms running this business. As I say all of the time; there is nothing I love more than supporting small businesses, and mom-run businesses even more!
-They have both a subscription option as well as a gifting option. Both options are super easy and make providing your child with a new fun each month bin a no-brainer!

Along with the original Shine Bins, they have also created Play & Learn Bins! These bins have education in mind just a little more than the free-play Shine Bins. Each bin has a different theme, and coordinating learning mats that allow children to match, create patterns, sort, and more. These bins also come with colored rice, and everything you need! When I got the Primary Play & Learn Bin, I did not have high expectations. Athena blew us away with her matching, sorting, and even being able to name the shapes and letters!

As a mother and a teacher, I honestly can not recommend Shine Bins enough! As an added bonus, if you purchase my full preschool curriculum, you will receive a discount code to get your own Shine Bins to use throughout each and every month!

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