November in Review

November was as much of a roller coaster as the weather here in PA. November saw weather spikes towards the 80s, and dip down to freezing. I feel like our emotions and life honestly was just as extreme. Kind of as extreme as watching my brother jump out of a plane in shorts and a tshirt and then be bundled up at the park 3 days later.

Ethan’s grandfather came home from the hospital on hospice at the end of October. We were told he wouldn’t make it til the end of the week. Nope. This man actually got better. So much better in fact there was discussion about taking him off of hospice and next steps for potential rehab. As we live 4 houses down from them, we were down a lot the month of November to help.

We attempted some pictures for Christmas cards. I’ll add some of those in a bit. Each year for Christmas and birthdays we try and ask for experiences for the girls instead of stuff. We just don’t need it, and if you’ve been around, you know my child is thrilled playing with her animals all day long. Well, this year, instead of passes to somewhere that’ll probably be closed or grossly restricted, Ethan’s grandma crushed it with a stellar early gift. I know am the mother of Lady Athena Elizabeth and Lady Eleanor Margaret Jane, as they both own land in Scotland. Y’all. I can’t make this up. It’s got to be up there as one of the most extra 2020 things possible and it fits both of my children beautifully.

Athena helped me plant my tulips and daffodils in the front flower bed! I am sticking with the white flowers again next year, but revamped what is going in to help keep it manageable and a little more tame.

Eleanor has been hardcore teething which has led to some “rough” nights of sleep. I use the term loosely as even a rough night for her was a normal night for Athena. She is 4 months old now and serious turkey. All 20lbs of her. No joke. She lapped sizes and is already in 9-12m clothes; sizes Athena didn’t wear until she was actually 9-12m.

Last month I wrote about Athena being a bear trying to get down to sleep at night. Not long after that post I officially switched her to the top bunk of her bed. It is crazy how that switch has completely changed her night time behavior and it’s been a much smoother process!

Someone got a big girl cup for Thanksgiving.

I’ve been really high and low as far as my own productivity. Some days I manage to get dishes done, bathroom cleaned, livingroom fairly kept, laundry done, dinner made…and then days where literally nothing gets done. I feel like I’m in this constant game of hurry up, catch up, breathe for a second, get behind again. I try and keep a rhythm but with nap times all over the place and questionable, it feels impossible. We did. however, manage to make some homemade butter for Thanksgiving!

We had a quiet Thanksgiving as we were unable to see my family due to quarantine stuff. My brother is on a medication that can potentially be neutralized by the ‘vid so we are taking extra precautions. We’ve done a LOT of FaceTiming with Nana Pop. Yes. Purposely Nana Pop. Because for Athena, they are 1 entity. We’re very close with my family so not seeing them the last few weeks has definitely been difficult.

On December 2nd (I know this is November but close enough), Ethan’s Grandapa, Athena’s Poppy, peacefully, and quietly passed, at home. He was thankfully not in any pain, and praise the Lord, in the few weeks he was home on hospice, they only had to give him 1 dose of morphine. No matter how poorly he was feeling, he always managed to rally to say hello to his “blue eyes.” His grandchildren were the light of his life. Athena is blessed to have had 3 years with him. I am honored to have been given 6. Ethan was lucky enough to get almost 30. It is in this, we rest in the promises of God, as our salvation, eternal home, where there is no sickness or pain, and we will rejoice together again one day.

We painted our wrapping paper for Christmas gifts as one of our main activities at the end of the month. Made a snuggle nest just like bears do when they hibernate. We can’t forget our homemade butter experience. Needless to say, Athena was a fan. And as promised, our lovely pictures for the Christmas card. Go figure, the baby cooperated the best.

Here’s to a December for the books, some reflection on the happenings of 2020, and tidings of comfort and joy for the year to come.

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