Refuel with Re-Lyte

Field hockey was my life for 10 years. 10. Whole. Years. And I more than likely drank gallons of sports drinks in that time. Because really, that was, and still is, the norm. Who drank coconut water in 2003? Nobody; that’s who.

This year Redmond re-released their newly formulated Re-Lyte; their powdered drink mix. I was slightly skeptical.

We had tried Liquid IV, a newer product to compete with sports drinks. Not only is it fairly expensive for the amount you get, but it is very salty. I felt like I was drinking syrup. We tried Nuun Tabs. To be fair, not a bad option! They are baking soda based, so not my fav. Think a tastier version of Alka-Seltzer. I’d say they’re my number 2 option.

But my hands down, number 1 fav, without question- Redmond Re-Lyte. Ironically, coming from a company known for their salt, I do not find this mix overly salty at all! They currently have 3 flavors: Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry, and Unflavored. Recently, they even released On-the-Go packets in Lemon Lime and Mixed Berry.

Sometimes I like to add a little extra Lemon, Lime, or Grapefruit EOS.

We started with the Lemon Lime and it was delicious! I was admittedly hesitant to try the Mixed Berry. Berry flavored things can go wrong very quickly and taste artificial. I was overjoyed to discover that the berry flavor tastes amazing and may even be my favorite over the Lemon Lime. This in itself is a feat considering how much I love citrus!

Other than the fact that it’s yummy, Redmond Re-Lyte has a ton of actual benefits. As it does contain Redmond Real Salt, it helps replenish your electrolytes with over 60 minerals along with magnesium, potassium, and chloride. It has natural and nonGMO flavors and citric acid. Re-Lyte is also made with powdered coconut water. Seeing this made me pause as I am not a fan of coconut water…not even a little. But this does not taste like coconut or coconut water at all. If you didn’t know it was there, you’d never guess it!

Why do we need Re-Lyte? Ethan and I both drink the Re-Lyte for 2 very different reasons. With breastfeeding, I drink a ton of water during the day. I was drinking so much water that by the afternoons I was shakey and even a little dizzy. I was actually over flushing my system. I had no electrolytes or sodium in my system. Re-Lyte continue to supplement my system naturally, encourage my water drinking, and some moms even swear by coconut water to help maintain supply.

If you haven’t seen my husband, he’s practically a wall of muscle. In college he got into weight lifting and it had continued to be his outlet. Can you blame him; he lives with three girls? Re-Lyte replaced those sports drinks to help replenish his electrolytes after working out and supports his muscles with the goodness they need. No matter what eating style he’s using- intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, etc, Re-Lyte is great for all of them!

Most of America is chronically dehydrated. This is often exasperated by the drier and cooler weather that comes with winter months. This depletion of water also aids in the rise of illness. So do yourself a favor. Support your body with a little extra delicious love.

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