I Left Social Media

I was 15 when I snuck a MySpace.

I was 16 when I was allowed to create a Facebook. It consisted of statuses like, “skol tomorrow. Bored. Txt me.” I wish I was kidding.

In college I hopped on the insta wagon, just general pics here and there.

I was briefly on Twitter and Snapchat.

I started using instagram more and intentionally when I started using and sharing dōTERRA. As a stay at home mom, I found community and connection with oilers, like-minded moms, homeschool moms, planners, gardeners…all of my random little niches.

This Spring, my mental health took a nose dive. I became like Ronald Weasley clutching his radio. I’d wake up in the morning and check social ASAP to see if the world had ended yet. So I deleted Facebook off of my phone. It was easier than I expected. I still have access from my computer but I go days without checking it.

Then we come around to the updated terms and services of the conglomerate of FB, Insta, etc… I just couldn’t get behind it. And if we’re honest, I’ve been shadow banned numerous times already, censored, and *turned off.* The reality is, my little account wasn’t going to make the next round of cuts much longer anyway.

I will say, earlier this year when I ditched Facebook I didn’t think I’d so easily let go of insta. I’ve been working hard to build a little community. I have so much more control over the content I see. I’ve gained over 100 actual, real people, followers in the last 3 months- mostly homeschool moms. I don’t say that to brag, but to point out that for an account that a year ago had under 500, and jumped 100 followers in a few months, it was big. I felt like from a business perspective, that maybe I did have the chance to make it and have a successful small business. I must have been putting out content others appreciated or enjoyed or they wouldn’t be there.

But the truth of it is- I don’t need any of it. Plenty of businesses have been successful without social media. The truth is, if I could go off the grid hardcore and go “Little House On The Prairie/ Walton’s Mountain” I would do it without a second glance back.

There are people who feel like the updates aren’t different than what we’ve already had, and I get that. There are people that feel that they need to stay until they are directed or forced otherwise. I get that too.

Personally, I feel like I can provide the content right here. I can still be a light. I can still use my voice. I’ve never needed social media to make an impact on the world. Is it as “accessible?” Maybe not. But it’s what I feel is the thing I need to do right now.

So bye-bye instagram.

Looks like I’ll need to download some books for marathon nursing sessions.😅

And because so many want to keep up with the girls, I’ve started a page The Feed. Still squares. Still pics. Some will have captions. In the immediate just about all of them are pics I brought over from the ‘gram.

Things I’m looking forward too:

-Getting more writing done
-Not saying, “put your phone down” to each other
-Being more present
-Reading more!?

For the first time in approximately 12 years I don’t have social media…and I like it.

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