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And Then We Were 3…

On December 19th we partied 3x over to celebrate Athena turning 3!

For her second birthday, initially we all got hit with a 24hr plague. I rescheduled, and we got snow. We ended up not having any kind of birthday party for her last year.😭

This year was already a crap show, but I was DETERMINED to do my best considering all circumstances- and I’m not even just talking about the ‘vid. PA got a good dumping of snow, which is AWESOME and also kinda made our parking situation a little difficult.

Friday night, I blew up a bunch of balloons and tossed them in her room for the morning. On a few of them I wrote some of her best qualities: sweet, kind, loving, & smart. Compassionate was just took look. I also def haven’t blown up balloons in a long time and will be purchasing a balloon tank for future burthdays.

As Athena was born at 7:16AM, and she slept in, we actually woke her up AT her time of birth. She was not happy….until she realized there were balloons.

Her extra special gift from us was a little kids camera. We wanted to give it to her first thing so she could play around with it a bit before guests arrived so she could take pics throughout the day. It was a HUGE hit. I mean, HUGE.

Due to aforementioned parking and schedules, we more or less ended up with 3 parties. As Ethan’s family is 4 doors down-no joke, they were able to come for the first shift 10-12. We made waffles & frosting, along with my chocolate chip cookies, coffee, and had a semblance of birthday brunch-ish.

Then, my dad had to work in the morning so they came for noon-ish and brought chili. Our sweet friends Katie & Glenn also made the trip to hang out with all of the crazy before they had to leave.

Finally, our sweetest, dear, sister-friends, and the only non-family babysitters the girls have ever had, came through.

There are a lot of downfalls to this whole ‘vid thing. Also a struggle with the weather. But the way it all worked out meant Athena got to truly spend time with all of her people. She wasn’t overwhelmed or over stimulated. Everyone got time with her. There wasn’t a huge crowd in our smaller home, or the social struggle of everyone not knowing each other. Last ones just me? Ok.

I’m a fan of the open house thing, but inevitably you usually end up with everyone there at some point. I did cupcakes, so Athena ended up getting 2 cupcakes, getting to blow out her candle twice, and get sung Happy Birthday to, twice.😂 She was not mad, and she loved every single second of her day.

And she was most definitely not tired.

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