New Curriculum!

It has been a slug of a process but I’m finally getting the rest of my various unit plans and curriculum here.

Everything is a digital download. All curriculum are written for PDE State Standards. They have also all been taught to real students.

Currently, I have full units bulked together. That means instead of having each Act of Romeo & Juliet separate for purchase, all 4 are together. Eventually I will have more specific pieces broken down and available.

As a teacher, it is always my goal to give students multiple avenues to be successful. Most units include various forms of assessment like writing, an artistic/creative project, summative assessment, etc. These can be modified for single students or could be fun for group projects with a co-op! As always, brick and mortar teachers are welcomed to purchase the curriculum for use in their own classrooms.

You can find all available curriculum on the Shop page, or Homeschool & Curriculum. Prices are cheaper here than in TpT!

10% of all curriculum sales go to fight human trafficking and support organizations here in PA!

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