Kourtney Cannon Art

I met Kourtney last fall at the Greenlight Operation Annual Art Fest. I instantly fell in love with both her and her art. Not only is she incredibly sweet & kind, but I LOVED how bright and fun her art is.

One day, I will have rooms designed around her pieces, but that’s another story. When I saw she paints Bibles, I instantly had a list of people that needed them. At the top of the list were my mother, and mother in law.

Kourtney asked me what kind of colors they like, what kind of flowers they like, and any little details I’d like to add. I also had to pick verses for her to do on the back cover. Honestly, I trusted Kourtney and wanted her to have as much free reign as possible while giving her just a smidge of direction.

When I saw my parents for my birthday, my mom mentioned that she brought book binding tape home because her Bible was falling apart and I nearly spilled the beans. I was hard pressed to keep that volcano down.

THEN Kourtney sent me pictures of the finished products. I cried. I won’t even pretend. She absolutely nailed them both, above and beyond expectations.

Both moms tend to have similar styles so I wanted to try and make sure they were still different. I asked for blues & yellows for my mother’s Bible. As her name actually means bee, I asked Kourtney to incorporate one somewhere. I had to pick a verse for the back cover and chose one of my mom’s favorites- fearfully and wonderfully made!

Ethan’s mom, leans towards more blues and purples. Her father, Ethan’s grandfather, was an agronomist- a literal dirt expert. As he passed at the end of last year, I wanted a little nod to him on her Bible. Kourtney added in the little dirt garden for hers. Picking a verse for her was harder because there are so many good ones. I went with Proverbs 31:26. It’s one of my own favorites and felt perfect for her Bible.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned more and more how important it is to support local businesses and artists. Kourtney is definitely at the top of the list.

To see more of Kourtney’s work you can follow her on Instagram at @kourtneycannonart, her Facebook page or website https://kourtneycannonart.wixsite.com/artwork

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