Winter Olympics

The 2020 Winter Olympics may have been cancelled, but they just got post-poned in our world.

Part of our January curriculum is a week learning about the Winter Olympics, topped off with our own special, Winter Olympics Day! We were even able to have our sweet friend Ezra join us for our Winter Olympics day!

At the beginning of the week, we did some “prep” work. We made our winners’ crowns, our Olympic Torch, and our Olympics Medals.

Of course a week about the Olympics wouldn’t be complete without actually watching some Olympic competitions! Did you know the Olympics have an entire YouTube channel!? Watching competitions was a huge hit! Athena loved the gymnastics and snowboarding. My personal favs are the ice dancing and hockey (both field and ice obviously).

I used washi tape to create a long-jump for them. They did the running of the torch running laps around the house. Using our tunnel and trampoline they did some obstacle course work. I snagged our wool dryer balls and a cardboard box to do a “snowball throw.” Of course we finished off the events with their crowns and medals!

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