Lady Eleanor

Considering I wrote a whole 3 part series on Athena, I think it’s fair to share about Eleanor some too! In all fairness, I have written about her Pregnancy, L&D, and our early experience working with an IBCLC and her lip/tongue tie revision.

I really thought Athena was a happy baby, but Eleanor takes the cake. She is almost always smiling! Her giggle is absolutely precious. She has been saying “mum mum mum” a TON and more and more baby babbles are coming every day.

She more or less sleeps through the night. I truly believe since Athena was {and still is} such a bad sleeper, that God gave me this very precious gift. Because I still wake up with Athena a time or two most nights. Eleanor has a night or week here and there where she gets up an extra feeding or 2 but I can’t complain.

Eleanor has started a collection of nicknames. Chubbers, chunks, turkey baby, rolls, Nora…if you noticed a theme, you’d be correct. This sweet chunky monkey is the rolliest polliest. We have to clean between her rolls every day, as well as grease and oil them so they don’t get yucky. It is a stark contrast to Athena who was a peanut forever.

Actually, at about 6 months Eleanor is nearing 20lbs. Athena, just over 3 years, weighed in at 27.8lbs at her appointment the other week. Eleanor is in size 4 diapers, Athena is in size 5. Eleanor has lapped around and is in Athena’s 9 & 12 month hand-me-downs. She pretty much went from NB, 0-3m, was in 3-6m for about a week, and has been wearing 9 & 12m clothes since 4/5m. It is mind boggling how completely different their growth patterns have been up until this point.

Nora has desperately been trying to be more mobile. She’s got the leg movement down and is working on coordinating her arm movements. She rolls like a tootsie, and inch worms her way across the room like a champ. Sadie Bug, our exer-saucer, is a huge hit! She’s even figured out how to wiggle around to get to the various attachments.

Earlier this month we started tip toeing into the realm of cereal. With Athena I discovered and had bought oat cereal. Ethan had the brilliant idea of using the oats we already get and using the coffee grinder to make our own. It is PERFECT! I mix it with some of my breastmilk from my stash. We use the Ryan & Rose Cutie Tensil and she loves it. From the first bowl she chowed down! We’re not quite doing it every day, but enough to start getting her system used to it. We did baby led weaning with Athena and will more or less do the same with Nora as well.

And just like that, 6 months have flown by.

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