February in Review

I keep thinking, “things will slow down.” And then they don’t. I’m going to attempt to avoid saying, “this month was crazy” every month, but well….it was.

There are over 40 blog drafts typed up and everything. Have I had the time to sit down to finish formatting? No. So I’m just a wee touch behind on posting. I promise I’ll catch up. The hardest part is done!

The first week in February Ethan lost his job. It was unexpected, but, in the 4 1/2 years he’d been there, it was the best possible time it could have happened for a number of reasons. The day after he got let go we went to the Butterfly Atrium and went to Zoo America for the first time since initial shutdown in 2020. On the way home, Athena’s little voice from the back said, “I had fun seeing butterflies. And the zoo too.”

*Cue the tears.*

It was a family day I think we all needed. Just over a week after being let go, Ethan accepted a new job! 9-5, Monday to Friday, and plenty of other perks. My word of the year is Believe. I picked it in 2020. I obviously had no idea what was in store for us just a few short weeks later. It’s a funny thing putting the idea into practice. At no point was a worried. I fully knew and believed that God would provide for us.

What’s more, Ethan doesn’t start until March 8th. That means we’ve had an entire solid month with him home. As most moms can probably attest, dad being home like that can be a blessing and a pain in the butt. For the most part, I’ll admit it’s been nice. We can easily divide and conquer the girls. He’s gotten a whole entire month with them. Baby snuggles. Athena baking him 18 meals a day in her kitchen. Playing in all of the snow. It’s been a sweet time for them all.

Nora has been starting to play with berries and seems to be loving them! She rolls like a champ, does some scooting, and desperately just wants to walk and be mobile.

Athena has been watching through Kids Baking Championship and thus we have been doing a LOT of baking. As you can see above, she is extremely proud of the monkey bread she helped make.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday, and spent most of February playing in the snow! If the montage of pics above doesn’t show it, we had snow storm after snow storm. Somebody didn’t mind.

Additional news- I’m going to start running. At least for now. I have a 5k in May and I’m determined to run it. I haven’t run in…….10 years? It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m not already dreading it. Couch to 5k! And I’m dragging my sister in law along. I promise details will come in approximately 14 days!

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