Wound Care

Thorns, cuts, scrapes, slices, splinters, OH MY! With as much time as we spend outside, we see it all.

So how do we take care of these wounds in our house?

Redmond Salt
Redmond Bentonite Clay
Patch Bandaids
-*Optional* Boo-Boo Spray

CorrectX is essentially a natural neosporin alternative! The oils blended into the ointment help support healing, fight pain, inflammation, and can help stave off infection. It’s a jack of all trades tool required in any first aid kit.

For bandages we have switched to Patch. They are bamboo and biodegradable! My dad, and seemingly Athena, have reactions/allergies to typical bandaids. So far, the Patch ones have been great and no reactions. I don’t think they are quite as long lasting as other brands, but they get the job done well enough!

Redmond Clay is ✨magical✨. It’s healing abilities blow me away every time. My first experience was with a burn. I was making homemade fondant, hit a pocket of molten marshmallow, and instantly blistered a patch of finger. 3 days of wet clay on the spot, and it was almost 100% healed. When Athena sliced her toe, I put on a mixture of CorrectX and damp clay. It not only added an additional layer of protection but helped heal her wound beautifully. She has no scar. I had an infected finger a few weeks ago. OnGuard and damp clay put a stop to infection and hastened healing.

Redmond Salt is almost as magical. It’s pretty common to soak various wounds in salt water to help with healing. Redmond Salt comes from mines that were once ancient sea beds. It has over 60 natural minerals that make it a 1-2 punch and those minerals make it more available for your body to use efficiently. *Fun Fact* Ethan has actually gotten to tour the Redmond Mines!

Back in my day, my mama used to douse me in Bactine. It stung like the dickens. A few years ago, I created my own version. Funny enough, I feel like it does kind of smell like Bactine. Each oil has an explicit purpose in this mix. Melaleuca (Tea Tree) is cleansing. Helichrysum can help stop bleeding. Copaiba is great for pain and skin healing. Lavender has its own analgesic properties. OnGuard helps clean, and has analgesic powers. Frankincense helps amplify all of them, along with anti-inflammatory. I have used this spray on many scraped knees in the last 2 years.

Wound care doesn’t have to be complicated. A few, basic, supplies are all you need. Most of which, are even multi-purpose!

Use code TNB15 for 15% off of your purchase of Redmond Salt & Clay!

Want to get hooked up with the essential oils and CorrectX mentioned above? Check out the Join Our Team or contact me for more info!

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