Easter Baskets

Some people may think our Easter Baskets are a little extra, and they would be right. Athena’s birthday and Christmas are 5 days apart. That means in general, there’s no other “gifty” holiday during the year for her. It all happens at once. Easter is our parental opportunity to get some clothes in the next size up, some seasonally and developmentally appropriate books, and activities. We do Bible Time daily, along with going to Church. Their parents both went to Christian college, and Ethan has his BA and MA in Theology, along with his pastoral credentials. Needless to say, losing the meaning of the holiday is not an issue for us.

Athena loves wearing matching clothes with her sister. At this point, it’s easy and adorable. I mean, if you have two kids of the same gender, might as well own it! We got them each an Old Navy bunny shirt for their Easter Basket. Due to a series of events, discounts, rewards, etc, we didn’t even pay for these. But $5 is still pretty solid. Bonus, Eleanor will get to wear Athena’s in a year or two!

As most toddlers do, Athena could chase bubbles all day long. Mommy and daddy, however, do not have the lung capacity to keep up with such voracity. In comes, a bubble machine. This is a shared gift as I’m sure it will bring them both hours and hours of fun and entertainment. For less than $20, I can’t say that I’m disappointed. To go along with our bubble machine I got a 1 gallon jug of bubbles. Yes. A full gallon. There is 100% chance it won’t even last the summer. Again, for $5, I’ll take it.

As per usual books are our jam. I snagged Eleanor You’re My Little Honey Bunny. It’s just so stinking cute. And we obviously need to help build up her book collection.

Ethan has also recently discovered the true magic of Target. On one of his adventures I told him to hit up the Dollar Spot for some Easter goodies. He didn’t disappoint as he came across the Crayola Bathtub Finger Paints. He grabbed all of the colors, and we will split them between the 2 girls. I have been using the regular Crayola finger paints, mixing them with some soap, and letting Athena go to town. These are already mixed with soap, so I won’t be wasting my good stuff on paint. It’s a win all around.

He also found Eleanor this cute little bumble bee honey comb set! She is becoming more and more exploratory and loves textures and the sensory things! I can’t wait to give this to her and I’m so excited that Easter is early this year!

I’m always on the hunt for additional homeschool resources. If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that Kids Read Truth and Tiny Theologians are two of my favorite. Tiny Theologians just had a killer Easter Sale and I couldn’t help myself. I got a set of the Armor of God Cards. We already have the ABC cards, and now that we’re back to in-person church, I want to make sure she is ready. I also have a flash card obsession but that’s a different story…

Though we didn’t get a pair for Easter this year, I am absolutely going to plug them. We got Athena a pair of these Three Pine Company boots in the sage color for Christmas, and I am absolutely in love. They announced a camel and slate gray color that are gorgeous as well! Athena has been wearing a size 8, but as per the size chart on the website, she is borderline 5/6. I actually got her a size 7 to leave room for socks and growth! If your kids do not have a good pair of rain boot, I seriously can not recommend them more. Athena loves them!!!

This is a small, Christian, business in Indiana. I also love that they give back; specifically supporting anti-human trafficking, and restoration!

Every pair we sell, we pray over & donate a percentage of our profit to a local, non-profit organization in Indianapolis called Purchased. They are dedicated to helping these victims and growing awareness.

-Three Pines Company

And to round it all out, we got a bag of candy to do a mini-Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. I know if we do it Sunday morning, getting out the door for church will be an issue. This way, they can play with their new goodies too!

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