Battle of the Pits- Rematch

3 years ago when I first started wearing natural deodorant, it was still a “fringe” kinda thing. People were just starting to learn about what natural deodorant is and why they need to switch. There were fairly limited options, they were gritty, they were hard, often left greasy stains on clothes, and most of them contained baking soda. For some, that’s not a big deal. For others, baking soda can react with your natural pH, and cause irritation. Think baking soda and vinegar reaction. But thankfully, natural deodorant is no longer just for crunchy hippies.

I started ordering from Grove a few months ago (that review is coming) and was pleasantly surprised by the number of natural deodorant options available. I still use and generally enjoy my doTERRA deodorants! They too, have gotten an upgrade since my initial post. But I’ve been having a problem.

Since having Eleanor last summer I’ve had a serious smell issue. I’ve always been extra sweaty- a lovely family trait. But this was next level stinky. And the kicker- only my right arm pit. For real. I can’t make this up. I have been using my detox mud mask regularly. I’ve even mixed my own a few times with SPECIFIC oils. I tried rolling on Tea Tree or OnGuard or Lavender. I’ve used my Rose Quartz roller thinking maybe it will stimulate something to drain or release. Nothing was beating this stinky stank. Not only could I not stand my own smell, but poor Eleanor is still nursing, and Ethan is stuck sleeping next to me.

I have been on a mission to combat the stink. With summer quickly approaching and having already had a few 80°+ days, the heat is on.

Grove has made trying new products like this easier. I can research and assesses before buying with no judgement from the Becky at how long I’m taking standing there reading labels, looking up ThinkDirty, etc. I first tried SmartyPits.

I felt that it generally worked well on my left side…but my right side still reeked. If I wasn’t having this particular issue, I’d be totally happy with this deodorant, hands down. No residue. Smells nice. Isn’t gritty. Doesn’t stain my clothes. No rash from baking soda. More or less clean!

Then I tried Hello. Not to be confused with Hello Bello (not my fav company).

Just like SmartyPits, it is generally clean, no baking soda, etc. I definitely enjoy the smell of this formula better. Prior to testing it I did do a detox mask on my arm pits, so that when I try each new deodorant, it “levels the playing field” so to speak. So far, this may be the winner. I’ve liked it so much, I actually got a second one, the Sweet Coconut.

And let me give you a bit of an update:

Since my original post Schmidts sold out to J&J. Take that information as you will. dōTERRA reformulated their deodorant completely! They now offer 2, one with, and one without baking soda. Seasonally, they throw in an additional fun option. I am fortunate enough to be able to use any of them. The Balance deodorant (with baking soda) is my personal fav. You know, when I don’t smell like onion & garlic had a baby and rubbed it all over me.

I have no idea what it’s causing this one sided smell. I went through a full battery of tests this winter as I was dealing with some other symptoms, and literally everything came back as *normal* and clear as possible. My only guess is something to do with my hormones since giving birth; potentially even breastfeeding as I had mastitis and significant engorgement on that side.

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