Italian Pork & Baby Led Feeding

As I was prepping dinner I realized that this was also a perfect opportunity to show an example of baby led weaning for us!

Baby led weaning is more or less feeding your baby little bits of the same food you’re eating- obviously this should be done judicially based on their age and tooth count. For more info, I love @feedinglittles and @kids.eat.in.color for more feeding tips!

But for the food:

In the crock pot I put a thawed pork loin. I topped it with chopped garlic, salt, onion powder, the Italian seasoning blend from Target, and a can of tomato sauce. I cooked it on low about 6 hours. Then, I sliced and served it with ravioli and mini mozzarella balls. They’re super fun, Athena loves them, and they’re a great lunch alternative as she doesn’t usually eat a whole string cheese.

For Eleanor (almost 1year) I cut up pork, a mozzarella ball, and ravioli in super tiny pieces. She is a great eater and happily eats along with us most meals.

Athena’s bowl contains the same, but bigger pork chunks, whole ravioli, and a few extra mozzarella balls.

As for my adult plate a few slices of pork, ravioli, mozzarella balls, and my fav Italian bread crumbs for some extra crunch.

Not only is this a very easy meal that makes enough for a small army, but it’s very easily adaptable for every member of the family without having to make completely different meals for everyone.

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