Accidental Hiatus

As I sat down to do a little blog work tonight, I felt like it had been at LEAST 2 months, if not 3 since I’d been able to write a post and share it. Apparently, it’s only been since August 12th, which is just over a month. I’m fairly happy with that, but it must feel like an eternity since life has been a whirl wind.

For me, I had my first Sunday on worship teams, and it was amazing. Our Worship Pastor has created such a beautifully oiled machine, it is a true joy and pleasure to be on the team. It’s a culture of worship that’s hard to find in most churches. You can find any of our services on YouTube!

I also had my first pelvic floor therapy appointment. If you’re a little behind, you can read why here. LET ME TELL YOU. O my goodness. 1 appointment has already been life changing. And also slightly frustrating as we’ve discovered so many additional issues I’ve had over the years- hip pain, hiccups, and more, have all been derivative of internal musculature issues.

First- we were supposed to go to OBX for vacation. We ended up deciding to stay home. It was good call as we all ended up with whooping cough. It sucked, but thank goodness I was prepared and we all got through it just fine. I’m sure I’ll write a blog post on the protocol I followed those 10 days. Nora was our patient 0.

Then school started. I have some super fun students and it has been soul filling to be teaching again. I also had the opportunity to submit potential class proposals for next year. Fingers crossed one or all 5 get accepted.

And in a semi-unsurprising plot twist we got a puppy. That post is coming hence forth as well. Suffice it to say, the perfect dog for you really does exist and it’s worth the wait. Samwise Declan has been a perfect fit for our family. We adore our Sammy Good-Boy.

We’ve had some cooler weather which always makes me yearn for the kitchen. Athena and I have had a fun few weeks working on some recipes. The next post will be the promised chocolate mocha scones with white chocolate mocha glaze. The bacon upsidedown french toast bake will be shortly after.

For handicrafts, we’ve even done some natural cloth dye on cotton tea towels for Christmas gifts! It’s been fun to experiment with ingredients to create an array of colors. Amongst our other activities like glitter glue, nail polish painting, & flower vase. Again, more posts to come.

I’ve already been working on Christmas (always) and will be sharing a list again this year! You can check out last year’s here.

I think that sums up most of our last month. I’m pretty sure it does qualify as whirl wind. October is already filling up a good bit. I’m looking forward to a quiet November.

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