Our Christmas Lists

I know I’m eons behind the curve, but I know there are a few of you out there still trying to gather Christmas gifts. If you’re as crazy as I am, you may even be trying to snag some extra gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations for the next year.

Some links may be affiliate links that allow me to earn rewards or commission,
but each and every product, love, and use them personally, or I wouldn’t be sharing them.

We have 2 girls so bare with me, I know a lot of this will “lean” that direction. But here are some items we’ve gotten and love that I would highly recommend!

We got Athena a pair of these Three Pine Company boots in the sage color and I am absolutely in love. She just announced a camel and slate gray color that are gorgeous as well! Athena has been wearing a size 8, but as per the size chart on the website, she is borderline 5/6. I actually got her a size 7 to leave room for socks and growth! This is a small, Christian, business in Indiana. I also love that they give back; specifically supporting anti-human trafficking, and restoration!

Every pair we sell, we pray over & donate a percentage of our profit to a local, non-profit organization in Indianapolis called Purchased. They are dedicated to helping these victims and growing awareness.

-Three Pines Company
KRT ABC Bible Wall Card and Tiny Theologian ABC Flash Cards

These next items are a little dual purpose gift & homeschool for us, but they would be great for any kid! Can you really have too many flash cards? Keep a set in your purse, a set in the car, use them for homeschooling…there are honestly so many options!

Kids Read Truth currently have People in the Bible- Old Testament and New Testament, as well as the ABC Bible Flash Cards. We own and use all 3 sets and I can’t say enough about them! Check out my post on Christian Homeschooling for more about using them! KRT has a ton of wonderful resources for the younger humans in your life.
Tiny Theologians Cards are beautiful! They are stocking stuffer size, and so fun! We were able to snag the bundle on sale over the summer. It includes the God’s Attributes, Names of God, and ABCs of Theology; all ABC Flash Cards. They also have resources like, Big Words of the Bible, and Family Tree of Christ Advent Cards.

There may be crazy people out there who make their own kinetic sand. Personally, I don’t trust that it will turn out so hot. Athena absolutely adores playing in various sensory bins, and discovering kinetic sand was an absolute game changer for us! You could do this 1 of 2 ways. I got a box with 3 separate colors of sand. I busted the box open and they will each go in her stocking. The other option is to obviously keep the kit together and give it as 1 whole gift. Either way, kinetic sand is a serious win!

Hi. My name is Anna and I have a Shine Bin problem. I already have an entire blog post gushing about them, that you can read here. One awesome aspect that they have set up is pay in advance subscriptions! The pay in advance option is great for birthday, holiday or milestone gifts! Pay once and gift a child endless play! This option is great for the parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or friend looking to give a gift that keeps on giving! You can pay for a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month subscription in advance! Or, if you’re like me and already have a subscription established, we have family giving us money to go towards extras like Play & Learn Bins, refill dough, and to off-set the dough bin cost!

A few months ago I wrote a blog post on Anna Vance Paper Co Homeschool Planners, but she does so much more than planners! One of my other favorite products that make super sweet gifts are her Letters from Loved Ones notebooks! These special little notebooks have a personalized cover option to put the name of your child, or child you’re gifting to! I print out pictures and washi them in along with the notes our friends and family leave, making it almost like a mini-scrapbook. Before wrapping, write a note to the child you’re giving it to to kick off their notebook.

This next product is a serious girl-mom thing….BOWS! We actually went to school with Sarah who makes adorable little bows for her small business- A Tiny Crown. I am also adding these to the girls’ stocking stuffers. Another option would be to use the clips as bows on the presents, or if you get the nylon headbands, use the bands around smaller gifts! I got them a few matching sets, and a few special individual ones. It’s not a problem. It’s fine.

Once again, my adoration for Ryan & Rose is no secret. I discovered them after Athena was born. Another Christian company, based in Tennessee, Lindsey is a prior teacher and interpreter for deaf students. Though they started with pacifiers, 2 of our most favorite products are actually the Cutie Holder and the Bapron! I literally wrote a blog post on 5 Ways to Use a Cutie Holder. The Bapron is a quick drying, stain resistant, apron that actually ties around the shoulder blades! Athena loves hers! Beyond baby goods like pacifiers and teethers, they also have a whole line of lanyards, tags, clips, and other goodies that are just as good for the adults in your life! Use the link above for $5 off your first purchase.

We tried to do as much of our Christmas shopping as possible from small or smaller businesses, but once in a while it just can’t be helped. This is technically a birthday gift for Athena, but it’s close enough to Christmas that I wanted to add it. She loves taking our phones to take pictures and as you can imagine we would prefer if a tiny toddler doesn’t run around with our phones to take pictures of the cats. I did a little looking and found this sweet little Camera on Amazon. It has decent reviews and didn’t break the bank. It has a digital screen, a selfie option, can hold up to 2,300 pictures or 2hrs of video. It also came with a lanyard and 32GB memory card. It is wrapped in a shock resistant case perfect for rambunctious tiny humans. I can not wait to see what craziness she manages to catch.

A few goodies for the big kids-

Though I love the gifts for kids, here are a few of my favorite finds for the adults.

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? I have a serious addiction to Hope Inspire Love’s Sweet Sophia Ethiopian Light Roast Coffee. Medium body with berry, caramel, and black tea notes. 100% Arabica blend from Africa. They also have a medium Columbian Roast, and Sumatra Dark Roast.
Not into the coffee thing? They also have an awesome line of apparel for men and women!
The BEST part about Hope Inspire Love? 100% of the proceeds from your order enables them to fight to eradicate human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They support organizations like Greenlight Operation and North Star Initiative, bringing awareness to human trafficking, and supporting restoration of victims.

My husband LOVES these work out bands. When the gym shut down in the Spring, I thought he would go crazy from losing that outlet, stuck in a house with, at the time, a 2 year old and a pregnant wife. These were a major help! My sister-in-law has these Love Sweat Fitness bands and has been really happy with them as well. So if you have someone on your list who likes to work out, there ya go. Toss in a bag of Redmond Re-Lyte On-The-Go packs, and a box of Deep Blue Pouches, and you’ve got a stellar little gift basket!

Have an avid gardener in your life? Get them a Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds gift card! They have a remarkable selection of beautiful heirloom seeds- flowers, herbs, & food! I have it on good authority from my plant-expert friends & farmers that they’re the bees knees! They’re also another US based company. I purchased these thorn-proof gardening gloves because cheap gloves weren’t cutting it. Not a day of gardening went by that I didn’t wear them and they’ve held up great!

Hopefully this list helps some of you, or at least sparks some inspiration as we all figure out the hustle and bustle of this crazy season.

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