Playing Catch Up

Like most, it has been a whirl wind the last few weeks. I am the typical mom who continuously says, “after this things will slow down.” Haha

Though my teaching semester ended in mid December, I do backend administrative work that doesn’t stop. I’ve been absolutely LOVING writing my 3 classes for next year. Seriously. The passion, excitement, and absolute pure joy I am experiencing working on them has lit such a flame in me. I’ve also been working on putting together the info for our honor society we will be launching this fall. Friends, I LOVE teaching.

I have had my Anna Vance Planner for the year for quite a few weeks now but have not spent much time in it. We’ve been in a bit of survival mode around here. I am participating in a Sally Clarkson inspired planning day with some of my favorite sweet mama friends on Saturday and I am looking forward to digging into traditions, rhythms, goals, and all of the fun things for the coming year.

That also includes the Run Back to Your Roots 365 challenge that I’ve joined! A local mama I’m friends with decided she wanted to spend the year learning life skills. She thought it’d be cool to organize the ideas a bit and create a group. Over 7000 people have joined! Each month we are focusing on a “new” old skill. Bread making, canning, fermenting, bread making, dairy, and so much more! So far, I’ve made sour dough pancakes and an actual loaf. I can’t believe it took me SO LONG to do sour dough!

I got watercolors for Christmas, which I have ALWAYS wanted to learn but have been so intimidated and too scared to try. I made a passable Bachelors Button and it gives me some hope that I won’t suck forever. It also gives Athena and I a quiet activity to do together if Nora is napping and she is not. Identifiable and passable are my initial goals.

I downloaded The StoryGraph app and am pumped to crush my reading goals. If you’re looking for something like Good Reads, that maybe isn’t Good Reads, you can transfer your Good Reads info over, and keep going! I haven’t gotten to do much reading the last few years. As I began to fill in the reading list and current readings, I realized I’m actually shaping up to read the most I’ve read in nearly 5 years! Outside of Llama Llama for the 57205719 time.

Have you heard about the 1000 Hours Outside challenge? It’s pretty simple, and it’s EXACTLY as it sounds. The goal is to spend 1000 hours outside in the course of a year. You can follow the movement on Instagram and Facebook. They share a TON of tips and ways to help make that 1000 hours happen, for all kinds of weather, all ages, etc. They also have an app with a timer to help you track your time.

And last but not least, I chose my word for the year- Delight! The post on that is written and will be published soon! Along with the Christmas List, and about 8 recipes I’ve been promising. And a few activities we’ve done in recent weeks and can’t wait to share. And the decision to leave our Christmas tree up all year!

1 thought on “Playing Catch Up”

  1. I can imagine a life with adorable kids must be so busy but so rewarding. It also sounds like you’ve had a really lovely month :). I love that you love teaching too I think the best teachers are the ones who really put their heart and soul into it! Thanks for writing 🙂


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